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Any way to increase chances of a successful VBAC?

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hawthers Tue 13-Sep-11 13:16:55

I had an elcs with DS1 due to his medical issues but if all goes well in this pregnancy and the issues don't reoccur, then i'd really like to try a VBAC.

Does anyone have any tips for increasing my chances of a successful VBAC?

Not really sure what I'm asking (!) but want the best possible opportunity to avoid a CS.

muffins Tue 13-Sep-11 14:25:13

I shall watch this thread and hope someone comes along with some experience, am 37+3 and hoping for VBAC after EMCS with DS 4 years ago.

How many weeks are you hawthers?

hawthers Tue 13-Sep-11 14:36:08

i'm 25+5 so not in any way near the finish line!

good luck with yours muffins - hopefully someone with some pearls of wisdom will be along soon

tinky19 Tue 13-Sep-11 16:22:08

Hello. I too am hoping for a successful VBAC (hopefully in about 10 weeks - 38 weeks) I think it all depends on why you had emcs/elcs last time. My DS was 16 days late, induced by drip, was back to back, got his shoulders stuck, paniced and had to be delivered emcs.
So this time I am on a birthing ball all the time. Consultant told me this should be done from about 24 weeks to help give baby best possible chance of being the correct way round. I'm also having sweeps every two days from 38 weeks to help avoid the whole going over senario again and induction.
I'm also trying hynotherapy as quite terrified after last time and I'm going to look into reflexology to help start labour off earlier (but need to research this first).
Good luck.

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