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Another weight gain thread - very little gain in 3rd trimester - anyone else?

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Bartimaeus Tue 13-Sep-11 10:09:51

Porbably worried about nothing, but keep being told how small/compact my bump is, and no-one believes my due date is in 3 weeks confused

1st trimester - no weight gain
2nd trimester - lots of weight gain (8.5kg and warned by Dr to slow down otherwise I "risk putting on 20kg in total")
3rd trimester - 2.5kg (so far)

Am 37 weeks but in the last 10 weeks I've only put on 2.5kg. Haven't changed how I've been eating (still scoffing lots of biscuits etc.) or been exercising more, just aren't putting on much weight. However, I thought that most of the weight gain was in the 3rd trimester?

Baby seems ok, still kicking (though a lot less than before cos I think he's very cramped in there) and at my last scan 4 weeks ago he was above average for his weight hmm

So, did anyone else stop putting on weight in the 3rd trimester?

LikeACandleButNotQuite Tue 13-Sep-11 10:28:30

I wish! None in first, 3lbs in second, only 2weeks into my 3rd and I think Ivu put on about 10lbs.

Everyone's different, and am sure as long as you are no depriving yourself food-wise, your body is just doing what it should.

Are you partucularly active? I seem to be pilling it on now I have the bump as an excuse to do sweet fa.

BelleRomford74 Tue 13-Sep-11 11:13:59

Totally agree with above comment, every woman & indeed every pregnancy is different. With my 1st baby I put on about 2 & half stone..(sorry don't do KG) my 2nd who had lots of health probs I lost 2 stone but she was very small for dates born at 34 weeks & only 3lb 3oz... if a weight loss or small weight gain was affecting your baby it would be picked up on a scan & you have been told actually yours is a good size so don't worry at fact I would think fab thats less to lose afterwards!! I was slightly overweight before I got pregnant this time & I suppose after years of dieting I felt I had an excuse to let go a bit & have indulged myself a bit too much!! probably put on a stone & half already & only 17 weeks... so from today I am going to eat more curb my treats & eat healthy snacks instead of the biscuits & cakes I have been!!! Bumps come in all shapes & sizes!! Some people just say things without really thinking...I have had loads of are you sure it's not twins or have they got your dates right?? I just let it go over my head.. x

MrsHuxtable Tue 13-Sep-11 11:32:25

That means you put on 11kg in total so far which is a perfect amount. You probably only worry because you put the majority on during the 2nd semester and now not so much but as far as I am aware, it is different for every women when they put the bulk on. Some do it gradually, others like you, not so much. As long as you are eating healthily and the midwife is happy, I'm sure you're baby is fine!

Bartimaeus Tue 13-Sep-11 11:34:29

I know its stupid.
It's just that 1st trimester I was so ill I could eat anything and still lose weight (of course I just threw it all up)
Second trimester I started getting loads of comments about how much I was putting on hmm so started to get paranoid but then thought, it's pregnancy it's whats meant to happen.
So am now surprised that it's not still piling on.

Still, if i'm worrying about that then I suppose it's a good sign - that I've nothing else to worry about! grin
<sticks head in sand about all the other complicated stuff going on at the moment like trying to sell and buy a flat before the birth...>

icravecheese Tue 13-Sep-11 11:55:01

I find my weight gain tails off in the 3rd trimester & in my last 2 pregs has actually dropped a few pounds right towards the end (when presumably my stomach is so tiny from being squashed by baby I can't fit much food in there!).

If the growth scan shows everything is fine, I wouldn't worry. Baby will be taking all the goodness it needs to grow, you'll be the one suffering (hence not much weight gain as babe is using all your goodness & choc biscuit scoffing to get that perfect chubby baby look when he/she pops out!)

MixedBerries Tue 13-Sep-11 12:28:32

I wouldn't worry at all- especially since the baby is fine and growing normally. I'm due in 3 weeks too and people say the same (that I'm carrying so small and neatly. Doesn't feel like it actually!). I've put on 2 stone over all but almost all this was in the first two trimesters. I've lost a few pounds since I've been in the third. My main problem is heartburn and a complete lack of space so I have been eating obviously less. As long as what you're eating is good and nutritious I'd just try and get on with enjoying (???) the last few weeks. Good luck by the way!

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