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Bubbly bump at 39 + 5 anyone else? Is it a sign it's starting?

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licoriceGreen Tue 13-Sep-11 07:14:11

hi I've woke up with the strangest noises coming from the top and sides of my bump, it sounds like air bubbling though water but a lot of it. A bit of a random description but like when you squeeze a water bottle with a sports lid and then the air rushes back in. i called the midwife and she told me eat something and call back later if it doesn't settle down. Has anyone else had this? Or knows why it happens? Is it because things are about to get going?

mumblejumble Tue 13-Sep-11 08:20:18

I am 32 weeks and I get that. Maybe it's just wind.
Or maybe something more in your case grin

icravecheese Tue 13-Sep-11 10:24:40

I have had that recently (35wks with 3rd). It is like my stomach is rumbling & gurgling, but seems to be coming from the bump itself. No idea what it is, but baby seems happy enough kicking away. I did have a nasty bought of diarrhoea yesterday, & loose bowels today (although feel fine so not a tum bug, prob hormonal, always seem to get upset bowels towards end of preg). Its more likely to be other bits of your body making funny noises rather than your bump.... but I know what you mean, it feels like baby is having a splashing party inside!

Newmom2b Tue 13-Sep-11 17:29:58

I think i might have had this about a month ago at about 30ish weeks, it lasted a couple of days and I associated it with a night out where I had alot of fizzy drinks so I put it down to gas...

candr Tue 13-Sep-11 19:54:37

Hi, I have had this a lot (38+2), it sometimes feels like lots of lava lamps and fizzy drinks but is generally just annoying but doesn't cause problems. Baby doesn't seem bothered - wonder if it feels a bit like a jacuzzi for him? grin

msnovember Tue 13-Sep-11 20:00:23

I've been getting this for a few weeks (am 39 weeks) and I'm pretty certain it's my poor squashed stomach!

licoriceGreen Wed 14-Sep-11 10:21:13

I saw my midwife yesterday and mentioned it and she said it's me not baby but it sounds like it's baby because it's all a bit squashed in there. No sign of baby arriving yet. sad

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