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False negative???

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Pilchardnpoppy Mon 12-Sep-11 20:59:15

hi, just wondering whether anyone has had a negative pg test, but still happened to be pg? Am 6 weeks late, but have done 4 tests - all neg.

blueeyedmonster Mon 12-Sep-11 21:28:42

I had one the day before i was due on. Just under a week later I took another and it was a positive. My friend didn't find out until she was 8 weeks.

6 weeks late is a long time though have you been to see your gp?

whackamole Mon 12-Sep-11 21:42:03

Yes, I have. I knew there was no way I was pregnant, but I got to 6 weeks late and had taken loads of tests.

Was really annoying, but I got my period the day I took the last one. The disappointment made us start trying in earnest grin

pregnantmimi Tue 13-Sep-11 08:20:54

yes 3 negatives and the doctor wouldnt test me again wanted the blood test but knew I was showed up quite late so never saw midwife till later than I was supposed to

AprilAl Tue 13-Sep-11 12:28:04

I had two negatives, one around the time my period was due and another a week later. The second one made me really angry because I'd been feeling strange for days and just knew I was pregnant. They were obviously wrong!

Got the faintest of faint positives a couple of days later - could only see it if I held it up to sunlight coming through the window, two days after that a nice, obvious BFP grin

idobelieveinfairies Tue 13-Sep-11 18:30:08

Yep-i did. it took about 4 weeks before a faint positive came up. We never used a condom 3 days before my period was due and thought it would be ok......the period never arrived, i had twins 9 months later grin.

Mum2be79 Tue 13-Sep-11 20:35:07

6 weeks for me. I too had a false negative.

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