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What have you had 'done' up until 16 weeks?.. need to know...

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sismail Mon 12-Sep-11 19:13:22

Ok, what I want to know from you ladies in the UK is what have had 'done' so far? What I mean by 'done' is (sorry too tired to think of better English!)

how many times have you visited a Dr/MW?
how many ultra sounds have you had?
what, if any, injections/tests have you taken?

and anything else that you can think of that I have no clue about!

I'm asking because I am not living in the UK and I want to compare. I am 16 weeks pregnant, my first baby, and have only seen a doctor once (at 12wks) where I had a quick scan and just told to eat healthy and take multivitamins.
Luckily I have had no complications or pain so far so haven't had the need to see Dr, as it is so expensive to go, and was waiting til I was 4 months at least to go again.
But I am now curious thanks to a visit to a different clinic today where all they did was weigh me and check BP and told me I was 'fine'! So wanna know what I would have had done by now if I was in the UK.
Any info/help/advice would be much appreciated!

melliebobs Mon 12-Sep-11 19:34:09

I'm 17+1 today

When I found out I went to my dr. I was about 5 wks. He did referral to mw

At 7 weeks got sent a booking in appointment

Had booking in appointment at 9 week. BP and urine checked and blood taken. Had to book my own scan

Had my scan at 11 and a half weeks. Weight, height, BMI taken after scan

Had 16 week check with midwife at GP surgery. Waste of time BP and urine checked. In and out in 5 mins. I had to make this appointment myself. She however has made my appointment for 24 week check

My next appointment is at 19+5 for anomaly scan. This appointment was made when I was at the maternity unit when I'd had my 12 week scan.

I also have an appointment in dec for the Anti-D clinic. This was also made in advance after I'd had my scan

That's me to date

hubbahubster Mon 12-Sep-11 19:34:31

Booked in at hospital at 11 weeks - paperwork, blood and urine tests, blood pressure taken, talked to about taking supplements etc.
Scan at 12 weeks.
Midwife appointment at 16 weeks - listen to baby's heartbeat, take blood pressure.

That's it!

sjuperwolef Mon 12-Sep-11 19:39:14

5 weeks - seen doctor
8 weeks - met midwife
12 weeks - scan and offered downs test
13 weeks - booking in

then left alone till 24 weeks <2nd pg> then 28 weeks due back in at 34 weeks <next week!> and im not sure from then..

sjuperwolef Mon 12-Sep-11 19:40:01

oops forgot

20 weeks - scan

so i went 13 weeks bookin gin to 20 week scan to 24 week check up smile

Keziahhopes Mon 12-Sep-11 20:38:34

For me:

5 weeks - saw Gp (did nothing, so need to have gone)
8 weeks - saw midwife, pure paper filling exercise plus urine dip (for protein), blood pressure and blood tests (HIV, rubella and blood group)
12 weeks - dating scan only
16 weeks - see midwife for urine dip, blood pressure and possible check for heartbeat
20 weeks - anomaly scan
28 weeks - same midwife appointment as at 16 weeks

sismail Mon 12-Sep-11 20:43:48

Thanks so much for the replies smile

I feel A LOT better after reading these! I am just so clueless and reading so much info about people having tests for this and tests for that, that I thought I was missing out on something!

My mind can now stop worrying so much.. thank you!

notcitrus Mon 12-Sep-11 21:04:11

Sounds very similar to the UK - I'm on my second pregnancy so had booking appt (talked about preg1, health issues), had blood taken for HIV and some other screening, had 12-week ultrasound, just had 16-week appt which did urine and blood pressure check again and then if I was in good health that would be it. Next one at 20 weeks (would be later for most people).

LikeACandleButNotQuite Mon 12-Sep-11 21:16:40

Im 26 weeks. This is how it has gone for me:

4 weeks: positive result
6 weeks: told docs, they didn't re-test, they notfied midwife
9 weeks: rang to chase up my booking in appt, told I hadn't been referred, so they referred me then.
11 weeks: booking in appt. Midwife visited my home, took blood and urine, b.pressure and gave me info on what to eat/not eat, health advice etc.
12 weeks: got letter for Dating Scan
13 weeks: Dating Scan - weighed me, took more urine, had scan
16 weeks: 2nd appt with MW, this time at docs. She took urine, checked my BP, talked to me about STrep as I'd tested +ve at Booking In, and talked to me about blood types as she told me I was -ve blood and would recommend Anti D injction for protection incase baby is +ve blood. She and I listened to the heartbeat.
20 weeks: Anomoloy Scan - checked health of baby, heart and other organs, measured limbs etc
24 weeks: 3rd appt with MW, at docs, urine, heartbeat and meaured bump. Advised about Flu Jab

Next is
28 weeks: 4th appt with MW to get anti D injections, and have more bloods taken.

Don't know after that as she tends to just tell me what's next each time I see her.
Hope that helps¬!

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