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37 weeks and appetite is ferocious!!!

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sunface Mon 12-Sep-11 11:10:43

hi all, since bump seems to have 'dropped'in the last week, I can't seem to stop eating!!! Now wondering if this means anything in terms of imminent labour or anything else?!!! So far this morning i've had some museli, a croissant and now having half a sandwich!!!! Anyone else experienced this?! i'm finding it unusual as for the last month or so i've hardly eaten anything.....

SmileyMS Mon 12-Sep-11 12:10:24

Hi - I'm 38+1 and found my appetite went berserk in the last 10days or so! I can't possibly be as hungry as my body seems to think it is but when I've tried to be restrained in the evening's, I've just not managed to sleep until I've got out of bed and fixed myself more food!

I've decided that it's ok to eat as much as my body seems to want in the last few weeks...I'll worry about it after I've managed to pop out my little one (soon I really, really hope!!!)

Mouseketool Mon 12-Sep-11 12:12:42

Maybe because it's dropped your tummy has more room?

I'm nearly 14 weeks and eat for England all the way through my pregancies!!

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