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Feeling guilty for skiving work

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Emy84 Mon 12-Sep-11 09:09:22

I am normally the type who goes in unless dying but today I could not be bothered! Been soooo constipated (sorry TMI) dr gave me lactulose and been eating prunes etc must have over done it! Been on loo all yesterday evening and a few times in night. Am ok now feeling hungry ( and very empty!) I could go in to work but TBH just feel like snuggling up on sofa and resting .... Am I a terrible person??? confused

melliebobs Mon 12-Sep-11 09:16:43

i'm the same as you! I drag myself to work when i'm ill and the one time you are ill you end up feeling guilty for it! Don't feel bad, if you need to rest you need to rest. You're no use at work if your knackered

BobblyGussets Mon 12-Sep-11 09:17:24

One day won't hurt. No one will give you a medal for great attendance whist pregnant.

When I was pregnant with my first, the morning sickness hit me out of the blue and I didn't know how to deal with it. I still went into work and was so spaced out one morning on the A road in, I looked up and I had let the car veer over to the oncoming lane. No other car was coming fortunately. I then started taking the bus with a sick bag in my hand bag (16 mile commute). Looking back, I could have had a week off to deal with it, but I didn't.

Stop with the guilt and enjoy your day.

bmm39 Mon 12-Sep-11 11:25:02

Enjoy your rest because when baby comes a long you wont get chance. I went home early from work last week because I was so tired. I went home and had a 4 hour nap. I did feel guilty afterwards but then told myself off as clearly I needed the rest.

Crosshair Mon 12-Sep-11 11:45:53

Have a lazy day!

spannermary Mon 12-Sep-11 11:51:34

I'm off work today because I am so tired, nauseous & can't stop crying. Poor DH for having to deal with it. I could probably have coped if I'd gone in, but I wouldn't have been any good to anyone. Went back to bed & slept 4 hours. But yes, I felt soo guilty - until my sis called me to congratulate me for listening to my body for a change. She's right - we need to trust our instincts. Enjoy the day - you're right to recharge - it'll make you more effective at work when you're in. Now pass those ginger biscuits! smile

Snowy27 Mon 12-Sep-11 14:56:44

Nope, don't feel guilty! I'm off today- first sick day off school in 4 years, and I said I probably wouldn't be in tomorrow. I've got a UTI and spent Friday night in hospital, I think a few days off to recover now will save me spending more time in hospital and then off work later! I'm going to start putting my baby first rather than worrying that a few days off will scar the children at work for life (they've probably not even noticed I'm away!) Just think- what would you say to a friend if she was in your situation?

spannermary Mon 12-Sep-11 16:44:26

"What would you say to a friend in your situation?" Great tip!

womanlytales Mon 12-Sep-11 16:55:38

I am at 8 weeks and am amazed at the change that pregnancy has brought into my life - - and I am still in the early days stage. If it isn't nausea or sickness, it's a blankness in my head with no interest to do work that involves thinking. Along with the small frequent meals I feel I need frequent naps.. To think that some women can work through their pregnancy with no impact to their performance -- wow, that must be like super cool.

spannermary Mon 12-Sep-11 19:00:37

I could give a monkey's about my job right now...and I always used to love it. Great job, supportive boss and team - but to be honest, right now I really can't be arsed... And I'm only 10 weeks!!

VintageNancy Mon 12-Sep-11 19:15:59

I couldn't care less about work either, not a priority at all! I'm just doing the minimum and coming home early most days. Mind you that compensates for the days like tomorrow when I have to get up at 6am to spend the day in meetings in London.

susey Mon 12-Sep-11 21:21:36

I'm so glad it's not just me, VintageNancy SpannerMary WomanlyTales! I am so unmotivated at work, it's not just the nausea/tiredness... So much else to think bout right now, just can't focus like i used to! Only at 11 wks so a bit worried tbh...

Mikocat Thu 22-Sep-11 17:53:46

I had what I think was a touch of food poisoning on tuesday, was off work and went back yesterday - big mistake! I managed a couple of hours before bursting into tears because it was all so difficult! I decided to stay at home today to avoid a recurrence. I'm only 7 weeks but between nausea, tiredness and coming off my antidepressants I'm finding it hard to be at work on my GOOD days! sad

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