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25 weeks - can you tell which way round the baby is?

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Snowgirl1 Sun 11-Sep-11 23:49:42

At 25 weeks can you tell which way round the baby is? At 25 weeks I don't have a round pregnancy bump and still just look like I've eaten too many pies - my belly just looks flabby. I'm wondering if this might be partly because the baby is back to back (and partly because my belly probably is a bit flabby...) and whether I need to start to do something to try and get it to change position for an 'easier' birth. Any thoughts?

notlettingthefearshow Mon 12-Sep-11 02:23:44

I'm 25 weeks and flabby! I think my baby could be breech as the kicking is very low. But I don't think you can tell the baby's position til much later on, and it will keep moving anyway over the coming weeks while there is still space for it to move. So the position baby is in now is irrelevant. I think it's about 36 weeks when the midwife assesses the baby's position, and if you are breech or reverse, they try to turn the baby.

pruney1977 Mon 12-Sep-11 08:37:09

I am 25 weeks and I think mine is dancing quite a lot in a "John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever" stylee as I get kicks low down and then jabs (which can move my hand slightly now!) either top left or top right. I had a scan at 23w6 and the baby weighed 1lb 8oz which I think is quite a good size but I've no way of telling which way round bubba really is as I am A LOT flabby (on 4 week scans now as can't measure baby in usual way). I don't have a bump, my fat stomach just sticks out a lot further than it did and, for the first time, my boobs look small to me (currently wearing 48k bras) because I can see my belly underneath them, something never achieved before.

whizzyrocket Mon 12-Sep-11 09:10:32

I'm 32 weeks but have known for ages that mine's breech. I'm not sure being "flabby" is an indication of your baby being back to back though- after all your waters would still push out your tummy. Instead I would just count your blessings; if you have a little extra room now then your skin may not be so taut and you may escape stretch-marks! smile

MissRee Mon 12-Sep-11 10:08:44

My 21 wk scan confirmed baby is breech and this makes sense to me as kicks are all very low down smile don't forget that at this stage (I'm 24 weeks 2 days) they still have quite a bit of room to pirouette and spin round all over the place smile it's not until much later 35wks upwards (I think) that space becomes a lit more restricted and breech positioning becomes a concern.

Ria x

Oeisha Mon 12-Sep-11 10:33:01

I have an anterior placenta, and am getting loads of movement low down (by cervix and bladder and the occasional nerf on the right by ovary). At 20wk scan baby was on her head and side-facing, movements I can feel haven't really changed location. I am more likely to have a back-to-back I think because of the placenta, but I wouldn't worry too much. Pelvic floor exercises, swimming and visualisation are supposed to be good ways of getting baby coming out head first and engaged as desired.

Bumped into a MW whilst swimming (she saw me talking to bump) and asked how I was doing. Had just had 20wk scan so discussed baby's upsidedownness as sonographer was a little surprised. Apparently it's more common with swimmers for babies to be head-down early on, and this only enourages them to stay that way apparently...might be worth a go...though I have felt baby turning about allover the place since...the movements seem to have only got higher as she's growing IYSWIM. All the low down ones are still there.

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