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12wks and have problem passing urine

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Braingone Sun 11-Sep-11 21:24:25

Hi I'm new on here but am hoping someone may have had a similar experience and give me some reassurance/advice. I'm 12wks gone with 2nd baby, waiting for first scan on wed. Have been peeing much more often than normal for past few weeks and been up through the night but last night I woke desperate to pee but when I went to toilet nothing would come out, eventually after 20mins only a trickle. Its been slightly better through the day today but still feel like something stopping my bladder emptying properly! But no pain or any the symtoms like an infection.

Any ideas/suggestions gratefully received.

susey Sun 11-Sep-11 21:57:50

It does sound like an infection, tbh - no harm in going to your GP.

Crosshair Sun 11-Sep-11 22:08:42

I would also check with your gp, will give you some peace of mind and if it is the start of an infection better to get it sorted sooner rather than later.

Dollybird99 Mon 12-Sep-11 11:51:45

I don't know whether this will help at all, but I am nearly 12 weeks, and when I pee I have to lean very slightly forward on the toilet for it to come out with moer force. My doctor said something about the uterus pressing on the bladder and said it was quite normal - but it might be best to mention it to your doctor i ncase you're worried. x

MixedBerries Mon 12-Sep-11 12:01:26

Ah. First of all, as far as I know, none of us are medical professionals so it's best to get to the doctor's. But I was warned about this early on in my pregnancy as I have a retroverted uterus. (ie one that tilts backwards instead of the usual upright or forwards position). Usually in pregnancy, it will right itself but if it doesn't it continues to grow in a backward position which puts pressure on the urethra. This stops you weeing and usually happens at the end of the first trimester. Can be sorted out by being given a manual shove apparently (by a professional). could be this. If you know you have a retroverted uterus then it's likely. Hope you get it sorted out soon anyway and let us know what it was!

Braingone Mon 12-Sep-11 16:48:56

Thank you all for your replies, midwife asked me to put in urine sample, but has eased off lots today so she thought maybe just baby pressure (although I didn't think it would be big/heavy enough yet!) so will wait and see test results, also have me scan on Wed so maybe they will be able to tell if anything lying funny and applying pressure.

I'm so superstitious tho so husband only one who knows and its been getting harder and harder to hide as I've been feeling so sick, so is great to be able to ask on here!

Will let you know how I get on, thanks again.

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