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wants this baby out asap!!!

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CrazyAlien06 Sun 11-Sep-11 16:16:27

warning a rant!!
I am 37 weeks today and want this baby out asap, am stuck at home all the flipping time alone as DH is at work in the week and is a selfish pig and is drinking all day in the pub at the mo! I need a life!!!!

What can I do to get this baby out of me?!!!!!

CBear6 Sun 11-Sep-11 18:15:34

There's nothing at all you can do unfortunately, babies tend to come when they're ready and even hospital-based inductions don't always work. There are various old wives' tales which people will claim are "guaranteed" to start labour off but they don't, if anyone used one and went into labour not long after it's been pure coincidence and because their body was ready to go into labour anyway.

I'm 40 weeks today. I walk pretty much everywhere (usually pushing DS in his buggy), I'm up and down the stairs all day, my main cravings are for pineapple and curry so I eat loads of both, poor DH practically gets chased around the house at the minute (hormones don'tcha know?) so can safely say that sex/orgasm/sperm have been tried, when I do get the his DS likes to sit right at the back and all of the roads round here are bumpy .... I've intentionally and unintentionally tried every old wives' tale except for castor oil (dangerous, told by a consultant to never try it due to risk of foetal distress) and I'm still pregnant.

I know how it feels. DS arrived on his due date so with today being DD's due date I was completely expecting to wake up in labour or to go into labour sometime today whereas the reality has been that I haven't even had so much as a show never mind a contraction (other than Braxton Hicks).

It'll happen when it happens and I know everyone says this but enjoy the peace and quiet smile

candr Sun 11-Sep-11 18:30:51

I'm with you guys, I have just had enough of being pregnant and got grumpy when I heard a friend due after me had hers a week ago. Am tempted to try clary sage in bath as have heard it helps. Am 38 weeks today. Had to stop going in car as was too painful, he likes squeezing under my ribs for some reason the minute the car starts. On the other hand the minute I get BH I worry that this is it and get scared - I am impossible to please at the mo! grin

Valiant1 Sun 11-Sep-11 19:44:58

I am with you 37+4 and have sooooo had enough can't have sex as i bleed and she is breech and small so am going end up having a section sad which i think will be the 22nd of sep.just wish it was over with nowsad my dd1 was here by today so like you candr i was expecting to go in today! ds2 was late and ds1 was early by 3 days just fed up now especialy of people ringing and asking "have you had her yet?" then on the play ground "are you still here then ?" wtf......yeah i had her didn't tell anyone and then left her at home on her own !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
and breath were do u live crazy? I am in Stoke if you close i would meet up with you i think u london way though ?

Valiant1 Sun 11-Sep-11 19:45:26

sorry thta was a proper rant blush sorry

CrazyAlien06 Sun 11-Sep-11 22:17:11

Hey valiant I'm in bedfordshire :-)
CBear6 I am fed up of the peace an quiet, I need manic to enter my house, I've started to become very down with having nothing to dosad

I don't think I've had any braxton hicks yet :-( my bump hasn't even dropped yet :-( my sisters baby didn't engage until labour but I would like some signs that it's on it's way. At last mw appt she couldn't tell if it was bum or head down! Useless. It's got a bit uncomfortable further down in the last half hour but that's probably just random uncomfortable-ness. Baby is moving loads and making my belly into very weird shapes!

I'm not doing the deed tonight that's for sure as DH is rather drunk! it's so tempting to wake him up at 4 am and throw water over him to scare him into thinking my waters have broken hahahahahahaha.

I have to go get my bloods done at hospital tomorrow for my newest platelet level which is fun fun fun! If it's below a certain level I'll be put under a consultant :-(

My next mw appt is weds and I am refusing to leave the room until I know what position the baby is laying in:-) they are going to have to sort out a scan if they can't work it out! It's so easy to feel the shape of the baby I can't understand why they can't tell??!

I have a feeling the next possible 5 weeks are going to drag...... 37 + 1 in 1hr 40 mins lol x

CrazyAlien06 Sun 11-Sep-11 22:20:15

Valiant- I'm lucky I don't know many people so don't have to face the questioning! I just update people on Facebook lol. But I'm cutting my time on there as otherwise people will assume I'm in labour if I haven't been on lol

22nd isn't too far away now :-) are u scared/excited?

Valiant1 Sun 11-Sep-11 22:34:44

Hi am excited and a bit nervous as never been away from dc and dh for more than one night so a possible 4 nights is very scary. will be glad when she is out so the pain is gone that i have been having.

Crazy my m/w with my ds said he was breech and sent me too the hospital for a scan he wasn't.. but this baby is defo breech if you feel round the top of by belly there is a head shape and the movement is normally from side to side not kicks . where as down below there are defiantly kicks and they hurt lots !!!! but if you worried then ask for a scan she can only say no!!

I have a theory that i only get contractions when her bottom is down as that is when there is pressure on the cervix I also believe that if she was head down she would have been born by now!!

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