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Hospital bag...can't remember what to take...!

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misspollysdolly Sun 11-Sep-11 13:26:24

I am currently 36 weeks with DC4. Slightly in denial that I am about to have another baby...!! It has only just dawned on me that I probably should have had my hospital bag packed and ready for weeks now. What on earth am I supposed to take with me...? Both official stuff and additional tips would be helpful! I am having a elective c-section (which I think is why I have been a bit complacent - I'm not intending labour to take me by surprise!) in about 3 weeks time, all being well.

CBear6 Sun 11-Sep-11 15:18:46

I was really complacent with my bag this time too! Here's what's in mine, it's based on (hopefully) spontaneous labour but I basically the same:

For Me
- a cheap nightie to deliver in and a spare (Primark, £6 for two - bargain)
- a longish nightie for afterwards, I chose a nightie rather than PJs in case of any need for a catheter or other easy access than PJ pants would be no good for
- a towel, on our tour they said that their bath towels are tiny and not very good so bring your own
- washbag with travel sized toiletries, toothbrush, and my make-up (vain creature that I am)
- hairbrush, bobbles
- huuuuuuuuge granny knickers. I got smartprice ones and plan to throw them away afterwards (cotton are much nicer than paper), granny pants have the advantage of elastic bits that aren't going to sit anywhere near any stitches
- maternity pads
- lip balm, hospitals are so dry
- light snacks (I've got cereal bars)
- purse, phone, magazine
- flip-flops instead of slippers
- socks and bras
- if you're planning to BF then some breast pads and nipple cream

For DH
- a clean t-shirt, it's hot in the hospital and he might want to freshen up afterwards before we have visitors
- toothbrush/toothpaste
- camera, change, phone
- light snacks
- a gift for DS (2yo) from the baby and a "big brother" badge

For baby
- travel pack of nappies (24 pack)
- small pack of wipes (hospital provide cotton wool and water though)
- 3 bibs
- 3 vests
- 3 sleepsuits with built in scratch mits
- a little cotton hat

I'm leaving the carseat and going home clothes for me and the baby at home and getting either DH or my mam to bring them in when they're needed otherwise they'll just be taking up unnecessary space and getting in everyone's way.

notcitrus Sun 11-Sep-11 17:16:39

Maternity notes
Some babygros

That's all I used with ds1.

mumblejumble Sun 11-Sep-11 18:37:31

A pillow, hospital ones are rubbish!
Some nice scent, even if you don't use it, something that makes you feel good when you sniff it.
some sweets,
squash, or something to flavour the vile water with
(just adding to Cbear6's list.)

lolajane2009 Sun 11-Sep-11 18:53:21

a watch so you know when you last breast/bottlefed.

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