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Looking HUGE in first trimester. Normal, or might I be further along that I thought..?

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ChillyCooper Sat 10-Sep-11 12:51:08

I'm 9 weeks with DC2. I was 'outed' at 5 weeks for looking so bloated (thanks, Annoying Aunt) and a few people have now said that I look 5 months gone shock or that it's twins shock shock

Now, I'm aware that one can show rather earlier with subsequent pregnancies. This is a bit excessive though, surely?

I'm now wondering if I've got my dates wrong and I'm a month further along. I had a proper period so didn't think I could have been pg the month before.

has anyone found out that they've been further into pg than they'd thought?

Guess I'll have to wait for the 12 wk scan, but it's driving me crackers.

Crosshair Sat 10-Sep-11 13:02:24

I was very bloated between weeks 6 and 12. I think for me it was mainly water/gas.

bcmummy Sat 10-Sep-11 13:18:45

I also thought twins before my 12 week scan as I was so huge! Also DC2 for me. But I am now 16 weeks and actually I feel like I'm smaller now than I was at 10/11 weeks (or at least no bigger anyway) as I think a lot of it was down to bloating etc and now that the pregnancy has settled down and I am not so sick I think that has gone. Oh, and scan confirmed only 1 baby!

mediawhore Sat 10-Sep-11 13:40:27

I was/felt rather big early one this time (or so it seemed). I was sure my students would have been able to tell (from about 8 weeks) - but it seems that no one did notice!

I do feel massive, but I think it is just cos I am not 'normal' sized and am on my third so it pops out a lot more.

My mum is constantly going on how big I am though and it is driving me insane. I am 24 weeks. Confirmed by 2 scans. Also only one there. COnfirmed by SAME 2 scans. Not helping!

StickyGhost Sat 10-Sep-11 14:47:40

I felt like this as well, it was mostly gas and water as Crosshair says - check your size first thing in the morning before you eat or anything. This will give u a better idea of how big u are.
I also felt like I was looking huge right from the start but to be honest no-one else noticed, and now nearing the end I've realised I wasn't actually that big, just the changes going on make u feel u are. But u never know, u might be further on than u thought!

Good luck with ur LO.

BabyAcorn Sat 10-Sep-11 19:20:38

By 3 months, pratically every one is worked with [ am a dance/drama teacher] had little conversations about me in my class, that I was pregnant. Now am 29 weeks, I have people asking me, how many weeks to go!!! I am like, yes I may look big but im not due till Nov 22, so go away!!!
The people at the bank, hopsital, random s, every one says is it twins?!?! It can actually get you down a bit , as you think, I haven't bloomed anywhere else, bot even gone up a cup just bigger round that's it!

A GP Mummy said to me, that it is a very good sign to be big bumped, so lets wear it proud and big and round !!!smile
But maybe you may want to get checked, you never know, good luck with it though smile

ChillyCooper Sat 10-Sep-11 19:28:03

Thank you for your replies, I'm rather thinking it might be water / gas / cake etc. Especially the gas, I'm farting like a drayhorse blush

Chilly, I'm 9w with DC2 too and also look six months preg. Was saying the other day that I'm sure I'm going to get to the scan and they'll say I'm due next month!!
Whens your 12w scan?

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