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30 back, large cup, don't want to look like a nun- bra suggestions please?

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SuiGeneris Sat 10-Sep-11 06:17:24

Am 7 weeks with number 2 and about to burst out of current 30F (nursing) bra. Next sixe up in the same model fits well BUT is so high-cut I cannot wear it under dresses or shirts. I am wary of wired bras while pg/bfding (am both) as I have had endless plugged ducts in the past. Any suggestions v gratefully received!
PS current bra is Charlotte by Royce. Anita used to do lower-cut large cup 30s but cannot find them anymore and old ones (30H) are still way too big...

Iggly Sat 10-Sep-11 06:25:53

Hot Milk have some great bras - not sue of sizes they go up to. I've also only seen them online.

MayDayChild Sat 10-Sep-11 07:04:20

I was in your exasperated club!
Got onfigleaves and search for Anita Via the brands search list, not nursing bra in the types list. Their search mechanism is crap.
Then dig through to find nursing bras
But they don't do many under 34

They do have a great selection though. Anita were only bras I could manage. Hate hate hate Royce

MayDayChild Sat 10-Sep-11 07:06:45

I realise how contradictory that sounds! I meant figleaves have generally a good selection, they have hot milk.
Dint use their phone app coz that's crap as well.

idlevice Sat 10-Sep-11 07:39:02

I was 30G before pregnancy & have had similar issues. The only soft cup maternity bras I had from Bravissimow were high cut around the sleeves/very wide until quite high up which meant I couldn't wear a lot of tops. You are likely to go up a back size later on, if not two, so that will improve choice a little, but eventually you may have to sacrifice the look for comfort! Try specialist places like bras4mums website - they do excellent phone service & might have a fitter near you. I think Hot Milk only go up to G so have never bothered with them.

expatnow Sat 10-Sep-11 08:20:47

I have same problem- presently 30 GG but went up to a J in both pregnancies. I gave up on maternity/ nursing bras as they just didn't look good and made me feel really frumpy and huge. I buy my bras from figleaves or bravissimo and just get fitted regularly. If I buy a balconette bra it is low enough and also means I can slip off the strap and pop boob out for feeding. I wear a nursing bra at night and also if I am lounging around the house, but otherwise wear underwired. So far haven't had any problems.

lollystix Sat 10-Sep-11 08:23:54

Agree huge gap in Market for nice big maternity bras - I've always used Royce as most supportive but so ugly and hate the high top thing you mention.

CaptainCaveman Sat 10-Sep-11 08:32:25

Ladies, you MUST try Bravissimo - they do much smaller back sizes than most retailers and they are just FABBO! I'm a 30 back but they do at least a 28 too.

Oeisha Sat 10-Sep-11 08:41:28

Hey OP. There's no reason to come out your 'puuutry' wired bras until you feel uncomfy. As long as the wires ain't diggin in to your ribs, especially your breast tissue stick with wires until you want to swop to non-wired, and whatever you're happy wearing. IF you are having duct problems, check the positioning of the wires after a couple of hours of wear. BUT if the bra isn't on your breast tissue, it isn't going to be influencing the ducts.
I went to bravissimo at about 13wks and they fitted me in to the 'Alana' and 'Daisy Chain', (at the 34JJ to allow me growing room - which I've already filed [humm]) not so grim you'd want to never go out, but I also needed something relatively comfy/secure as I work on my feet all day and get a sore back. Probably not an option for you as you're b/f but might be worth looking at.
Anyway, I'd go to Bravissimo or John Lewis or a personally recommended local independent that does large cups well, tell them what you want and get them to fit you properly. You can always take these fittings and buy online else where...

VFVF Sat 10-Sep-11 08:44:32

<lurks with interest>

roz1982 Sat 10-Sep-11 10:15:43

Try Freya bras amazing.

Woodifer Sat 10-Sep-11 10:27:37

figleaves let you search by size


expatnow Sat 10-Sep-11 10:56:20

Ps I second the Freya suggestion. I ended up sticking to the Freya arabella bra. With my second pregnancy I went back for more- really pretty, great support and easy to feed wearing one.

Ernie1 Sat 10-Sep-11 11:29:33

I have a similar issue - I'm currently 27 weeks and a 32H. I haven't changed back size yet (although I still have time) so worried about finding nursing bras if I get any bigger.

Given how quickly I've been changing size so far I didn't want to spend heaps of money and a friend recommended Debenhams. Was pleasantly surprised at the selection for my size (pre-pregnancy I'd only used Bravissimo) and now have a few really comfy bras - got a pack of 2 underwired for £18!

Agree with earlier post about the wires too - as long as the bra is well fitting and wires don't cut in or press on breast tissue you will be fine.

Oeisha Sat 10-Sep-11 19:06:37

FYI Freya are the 'funky young' range to Rigby and Peller.

Ernie Bravissimo do nursing bras up to a K cup. I started out a 32H like you, and was put into a 34J at my fitting so I had plenty of 'growing room', though my cupa are borderline now. Haven't needed the extra back yet mind you (21wks). Was advised to go back about 32-34wks to get nursing bras as by then the majority of the breast growing by then.

I'm now petrified I'm gonna grow above a 'K' thus having to have scaffolding fitted as I have narrow back....

Ernie1 Sun 11-Sep-11 00:11:48

Thanks Oeisha - I'm dreading that as have a narrow back too.... My friend nearly fell off her chair laughing about how massive I'll be when milk comes in. Thanks pal!!

I did see those in Bravissimo but don't think they are underwired? Think I saw another thread recommending a site for underwired nursing bras?

I also saw in Mothercare 'sleeping' bras which look great - but not sure they go up to large cup sizes - anyone seen anywhere selling similar for bigger busts?

Oeisha Sun 11-Sep-11 08:31:28

I got this as a sleeping bra. DOnt use it when they're not very sore mind you.
Yeah, I don't think the nursing ones are wired on bravissimo..though I can't see why they aren't a feasable concept. Not found any wired ones in the larger cups so far. sad

MayDayChild Sun 11-Sep-11 08:37:26

Anita do a wired bra, I an sellin a 32g on eBay right now, ends about 10.30
It's fab but I would say nOt for 1st time Breastfeeding and only once breast feeding is established and b

MayDayChild Sun 11-Sep-11 08:40:59

Boobs have stopped feeling like exploding before feeds - a few monts in.
It was brilliant!
I bought it on figleaves who as I said above, you need to search for Anita as they don't come up in a nursing bra search or didnt when I was looking
I also wear Anita rosia faia at night non wired obv not drop cup but great for pregnancy as well.

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