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the consultant has said he personaly wants to see me at my next visit. is this the norm?

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Valiant1 Fri 09-Sep-11 20:23:20

What a day!!!!!!!!!!
Ended up at the MAU with contractions every 45 mins and 2mins long... only to be taken round to the delivery sweet. We were met at the door by m/w in scrubs ready to take me for a section!!! to be but on a machine and left then scaned and told to come home as i wasn't having STRONG enough contractions and they just don't have the room for me!!!!!! We have been told to come back when they are 15 mins apart or my waters go!!!!!! WTF my ds was born an hour after my contractions were 15 mins apart and it will take me an hour to get there.... DH say's to the m/w we will call an ambulance the m/w says "YOU will be fined £600 if you do that and there is not an emergency??????? so my baby being breech and me having quick labors is OK and we can get the two buses to the hospital!!!!! am fuming and tired and still having pains! they aren't regular so am going bed to sleep .. sorry for the rant but is it normal to be told and have written in your note that he wants too see you ? and why?

Cocoflower Sat 10-Sep-11 00:08:08

So a baby about to be born is not an emergency?

I would call an ambulance if you have to. However realy you shouldnt have to at all they should let you stay in hospital from now I think?

How many weeks are you?

VivaLeBeaver Sat 10-Sep-11 00:19:39

You can't be fined for calling an ambulance at all and obviously if you're worried that babyis coming and it's breech it's an emergency.

Yes some consultants will want to see women personally. Why are you seeing a doctor again? Did he not say why?

Valiant1 Sat 10-Sep-11 09:49:40

Sorry i fell asleep x
I am 37+2. I am going in on Thursday to have another scan only the 7th one hmm to see if she is still breech and discus delivery. I have been to clinic 6 times and never seen the same person and never Mr Hassan the consultant. He stood outside the room yesterday and never even stuck his head round the door.
My dh say's we will still ring one (an ambulance) if it comes to it. the most worrying part is the fact that even if i get rushed in there are no beds for me after!!! will shipped off to another hospital. that was happening when we were going in! A lady was being taken to another hospital she had had the baby that morning!

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