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Tell me about your symptomless pregnancies

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pinkhyena Fri 09-Sep-11 11:17:03

Basically i'm 11 weeks gone and I keep freaking out and getting really worried something is wrong with the baby. I've been having horrible dreams (won't describe them here) and apart from massive boobs I don't really have any symptoms anymore. I haven't had any nausea for a couple of weeks, i'm not bloated so my tummy has gone down a bit, i've stopped feeling completely exhausted and I have a lot of days where I just don't feel pregnant. I've got my scan next week and part of me is desperate for it to come round and another part is dreading it.

So has this happened to anyone with a happy outcome? Am I worrying for nothing? This pregnancy is so different to my last one its really disconcerting. DS is only 10 months old could the small age gap have something to do with it?

HPonEverything Fri 09-Sep-11 11:24:38

Hi there, I have had a pretty much symptomless pregnancy (apart from sore boobs and tiredness right at the beginning). I had no nausea or sickness, my blood pressure has been perfect all the way through, my iron levels have risen not dropped, my boobs haven't got bigger. I didn't feel pregnant til I got to about 30wks if I'm honest and only because I had the bump and people kept commenting on it. I've had the vivid dreams but I have them anyway even when not pg.

I felt really smug about this til the symptoms came at me in spades over the last couple of weeks (I'm now 36wks).

Good luck with the scan!

susey Fri 09-Sep-11 11:29:58

Pinkhyena, everything you wrote could be me writing! I'm 11 wks too, scan next week too, had a few weeks feeling tired and queasy but now... Nothing really. Even my breasts have stopped aching so much. I'm trying to stay optimistic, we might just be lucky that the whole first trimester ickiness has gone already. It feels like the longest wait ever for this scan, i sympathise, first time pregnant and i half expect them to scan andfind nothing, i imagined it all along.

MissRee Fri 09-Sep-11 13:14:42

Symptomless here too! Other than tiredness, I've felt great the whole way thru grin

I've had some constipation but to be honest it's not that much worse than before pg - never been "regular" iykwim?

I'm now 24 weeks and according to scans, bloods and stuff, both baby and I ate very healthy grin

figgygal Fri 09-Sep-11 13:29:32

Hi All

Am 27 weeks today and apart from a growing bump and wrist pain i have had no symptoms what so ever!! No tiredness, no sickness, no cravings but then likewise no boob growth which is making me sad.

At my 12 week scan i was surprised to see a baby actually in there by 20 weeks i was so convinced something was wrong i was shaking and crying in the car. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones i certainly have been!!

Kayano Fri 09-Sep-11 13:33:34

I had no symptoms at all until week 15 when I started getting tension headaches due to phobia of birth! Still no symptoms! Scans and bloods etc all 100% fine grin

notcitrus Fri 09-Sep-11 13:38:35

In early 2008 I was working hard, and then got a fluey bug so took a week off work and saw GP to get a sick note. Apart from that week I felt absolutely fine, stopped being nauseous or having IBS, losing weight, loved coffee...

Imagine my surprise, therefore, about 3 weeks after seeing the GP who had done a routine blood test, to get a letter saying "You are pregnant", and then when I went to the GP, being told 'Yes, 14 to 16 weeks, I'd say!' And I was. smile

Unlike this pregnancy, which has had me feeling like crap from almost the moment of conception! You're just doing it the other way round. smile

bmm39 Fri 09-Sep-11 13:58:39

It's all perfectly normal. The same happened to me when I was about 13 weeks pregnant. I am 16 weeks pregnant now and somedays I don't feel pregnant at all. It's only when I look down and see my little bump I am reassured. Very weird. Don't panic if you had miscarried you would know about it.

cravingcake Fri 09-Sep-11 15:48:27

I think its normal to start having a bit of a freak out and panic as you get close to your first scan. I didnt have a symptonless start but did have a lull (iykwim) in symptons at around 10 till 16 weeks which made me forget some days that I was pregnant. Cant miss me now, my bump last week was 45 inchs around (just measured for fun with my pregnant friend) and I'm 32 weeks!

MeconiumHappens Fri 09-Sep-11 16:32:07

Im 7 weeks and very few symptoms, and its really common, please dont worry smile

pinkhyena Fri 09-Sep-11 16:33:13

Thanks for your replies ladies.
I know it is probably the fact my scan is soon, I do remember feeling this way with DS but at this point I was still being sick every day and I had a scan at 7 weeks because of pain. Glad to hear others have had lovely pregnancies though it's given me hope!

figgygal have you had your wrist pain investigated? When I was 8 weeks I had major pain in both wrists and ankles and the doctor thought it might be the beginning of carpal tunnel syndrome though he said that despite it being fairly common in pregnancy the drugs they use aren't safe for pregnant women. Helpful hmm.

ToriaPumpkinPasty Fri 09-Sep-11 18:03:10

I'm sure I was told it's to do with the placenta starting to take over towards the end of the first trimester, I had nothing but tiredness and sore boobs either and that passed at about 10 weeks.

I, like HP was very smug about all this, especially when talking to friends who had HG, right up until 29 weeks when I suddenly lost the ability to either sleep or get up in the morning. I am now absolutely exhausted all the time and am very glad I've finished work!

Good luck with your scan!

HardCheese Fri 09-Sep-11 18:19:12

Just to add - I'm 12+4, an older mother in my first pregnancy, and had my first scan the other day. I was terrified in advance, because all my earlier symptoms had stopped ten days or so earlier, and I was afraid the baby had died. But there it was backflipping away unconcernedly.

Portofino Fri 09-Sep-11 18:21:47

I was exhausted for the first few months but otherwise felt fine all the way through. It was only when I saw dd at the first scan that I truly believed that there was REAL baby in there.

Pastabee Fri 09-Sep-11 18:53:06

I still don't have any 'symptoms' apart from a massive wriggling bump from which feet protrude confirming I haven't just got an irritable bowel!!

Everyone said to me 'ooo, be really grateful' and now I really am but up until
about 20 weeks I worried like you. It seems to me you either suffer with horrid symptoms or worry there's something wrong because you don't have symptoms. It's not easy either way because as much as people suffer physically the stress of worrying is also hard.

pinkhyena Mon 12-Sep-11 21:23:53

Thanks again ladies.
Got my scan at 8:30 tomorrow morning so at least I won't have to wait all day, still very nervous but fingers crossed all is ok!

susey Mon 12-Sep-11 21:34:01

Tell us how the scan goes pinkhyena! Mine's this week as well, feels like i'vebeen waiting forever!

pinkhyena Tue 13-Sep-11 11:30:13

Just got back from the scan and thankfully everything is normal and baby was very wriggly. When the sonographer first started though my heart just sank because I could only see a blob and I was convinced it had stopped growing but then I saw its heartbeat and I breathed the biggest sigh of relief you can imagine! I think it was just in a slightly awkward position. So happy I feel like I can relax a bit now.

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