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waters leaking?

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jimmijam Thu 08-Sep-11 19:55:50

this is our 3rd dc but every pregnancy has been different...
Im 40+5, yesterday eve i had a big show, after that i kept getting wet knickers, and it felt a little slimey but the wet part soaked thru
late this am it stopped but this evening has started again. I went without knickers on 4 a few mins and it didnt pour or trickle down my legs but was sticky at the tops of my legs, its worse wen im stood up, i dont really notice it much wen im sat/lay down.
if it could b my waters is it an urgent thing i should ring the hospital about (&wot may they do wen i get there)?
Or could it wait until monday morning wen i next c my mw?
i look forward 2 any advice and reading any of ur experiences

mumblejumble Thu 08-Sep-11 20:00:54

Keep an eye on your temperature, don't take a bath, no sex grin
Is baby engaged? If so h/she may be blocking the leak so not much coming out.
Hopefully contractions should follow soon.{grin] grin
Nothing wrong with phoning the midwife for advice, but I am naughty and would wait a couple of days with precautions.

pinkytheshrinky Thu 08-Sep-11 20:01:02

I would tell your midwife as there is a time limit to get things going after the waters break because of the risk of infection - depends where the break is and where the baby's head is positioned as to how it leaks so give them a call as soon as you can and ask

jimmijam Thu 08-Sep-11 20:19:22

Thanku both!!
I too am more of a wait and see'er.
Baby only 3/5 engaged. Been having loads of slightly painful bh for days (&nights), noticing more of a peak to them so have just started timing- 6mins then 7mins... But def not painful enogh 2 go 2 hospital with!
Haha not feeli up 2 sex and we dont have a bath (only a shower) so safe there :-)

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