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anyone 40 or early 40's and preg, anyone got any concerns?

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frazer41 Thu 08-Sep-11 18:37:24

Hi, I am not preg but have ds age 6 and just had a mc in June, I was 41 in May.

I suffer from anxiety after ds was born and also had pnd. I am fighting with myself right now over whether to try again as I really want another but feel it is now too late due to age. I also feel my anxiety problems may need medication and this can add to child disabilities plus my age could make me high risk.

I would want an amnio but other women have told me lots of the tests are based on statistics and my age would make me flag up as high risk. Amnio is accurate but not for everything. I honest cant remember all this stress when having ds, think I never really knew what was going on and lived in the land of goo goo ga ga, looking at prams and dreaming of baby grows etc. How that was a good way to go thru preg instead of how I am now examining all cenarios and panicking like mad.

I am interested to find out if any other mummies are in their 40s and what tests etc they had and any worries re abnormalities.


BikeRunSki Thu 08-Sep-11 18:49:57

I am 40 and am expecting DC2 in October, 2 weeks before my 41st birthday.
DS was 3 yesterday.

I was a bit concerned about genetic abnormalities, but not to the extent of not trying for another baby (obviously) - this baby is very much wanted, and like DS, we conceived in 1 cycle!

I had a nuchal fold and associated routine blood tests. Nuchal was normal (1.5mm); combined with bloods, my risk of abnormalities was about 1:4500, lower than with DS in fact. We did not have any further tests. 20 week scan showed no anomalies. I have been a little more concerned this pg that the baby will be OK than last time, but I understand that this is perfectly normal for 2nd nd subsequent pgs. It could also be that since having DS I have met more mums, and now know people who have suffered from neonatal deaths and so on.

goodnightmoon Thu 08-Sep-11 20:10:46

i am 41 and 26 weeks pregnant, due to give birth a few days after I turn 42. I had the nuchal scan and blood test but the low risk they came back with meant I didn't bother with an amnio or CVS. I definitely considered it and in some ways really wanted (want) to know yes/no to Downs, etc., but at the same time I didn't want to have to make any heart wrenching decisions. all was fine at my 20 week scan but I know the background age risks are still there.

I probably worry more about stillbirth though - there are so many things to worry about if you set your mind to it! but i was a worrier with my son, aged 3, as well - I was 38 and had already had lots of fertility problems and miscarriages. Fortunately he was and is fine. i think i'm actually more care-free this time because this child feels like a bonus now that i made it past the major hurdle of becoming a mum.

I hope you get some help or resolve your anxiety to move forward.

hairylights Thu 08-Sep-11 22:34:30

I'm 43 and 21 weeks pregnant with dc 1.

I had three miscarriages last year.

All my pregnancies have been natural conceptions.

I am under consultant led care becUse of my previous losses. But all scans have been fine no problems suspected and the baby is low risk for downs/Edwards/patau.

Chynah Thu 08-Sep-11 22:45:42

I had an early mc 2 months prior to getting pregnant with #1.
I was 39 when I had #1 and 3 months before my 41st irthday I had #2.
I did have a CVS with #2 due to high risk nuchal result but all was fine. Both were natural conceptions. Also had both by ELCS by choice (no medical reason).

imip Fri 09-Sep-11 06:38:15

I am 40 with pregnancy no 5. I lost my first baby at 25 weeks at 34yo after infertility (her death was not a result of anything age-related). DD1 born at 35, dd2 37, dd3 38 and dc4 due when I am about 40 and a half. I never had amnio/cvs because this risk of losing a baby could have been a similar scenario to how I lost my first daughter (waters broke early but I remained pregnant for 4 weeks before I had a cord prolapse). This time though I compromised and got a private nuchal scan from the Fetal Medical Centre. They look for a lot more downs markers(and other syndromes etc) than the NHS. It was £180 well spent and I got a low reading - 1 in 1500. You could perhaps explore this non-invasive option before deciding on a cvs? If you search Fetal Medical Centre on mumsnet you'll find plenty of other threads on mumsnet re: this.

ozmum23 Fri 09-Sep-11 10:27:37

hi, i totally know what you are going through. i had my DS1 aged 38. it was a very difficult pregnancy and i had bad PND after that. we decided to try for another child when i was 42 and was v lucky i got pregnant after 3 months trying. DS2 was born when i was 43. i started on low dose antidepressants when 34 weeks pregnant with DS2 after consulting with my psychiatrist. the result was that i did not get PND.
i had CVS when preg with DS2. with DS1 i had nuchal scan and blood tests.
i had CVS at fetal medical centre and i cannot recommend them highly enough. top service and totally professional.
now i am 45 and get totally broody when i get on this site and read all the posts! lol

harassedandherbug Fri 09-Sep-11 11:22:42

I'm 41 in 10days time and am 25wks preg with dc4. I've spread them out though grin: ds1 is 22, ds2 is 20 and dd is 5. I'm having another boy.

I had a mmc in Jan and a mc in March, no issues getting preg just staying that way!! I've been seeing a kinesiologist and take vitamin B6 p5p, and also aspirin.

Dh and I decided not to have any screening/nuchal fold measurements taken at the 12 wk scan with this one or with dd. The outcome wouldn't effect whether or not we'd keep the baby, and I felt it would all be a bit biased due to my age. Basically create more worrying!! They do actually measure the nuchal fold, but to check it's within their guidelines. 20wk scan was all good, no soft markers.

I've found preg this time a lot harder physically. I've got spd and am on crutches and everything just feels like an effort! I'm due 22nd Dec so conscious of being ready for christmas and baby too...... Baby stuff nearly done now thank goodness, then Christmas presents start.

I'm also measuring as 28wks at 25wks. Going back in 3wks to see if it's a growth spurt, otherwise I'll be having a growth scan & GTT. Fabulous!!

The only worrying I've done really is over the risk of mc'ing.

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