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Seriously swollen feet at 14 weeks

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NorthernGirlie Thu 08-Sep-11 12:52:33

Hi All

Just after a bit of advice - I'm 14 weeks pregnant with my first baby and am getting a bit worried about my swollen feet (I’m trying not to be overly cautious / precious with it being my first). I always swell a little in the summer but over the last week or so my left foot / ankle / calf has doubled in size (right one is just a bit swollen)– it’s really painful and I can’t wear anything other than flip flops (I get public transport and it’s getting chilly…) because I feel like it’s going to explode even in wide fitting, next size up shoes.

I mentioned to my midwife at my booking in appointment that I was worried that I’d not know the difference between normal pregnancy swelling / my usual bloat and nasty swelling reasons. However she wasn’t interested and just said ‘it’s one of those things’

I’m an old school ‘put up with pain and don’t bother the medics unless you’re dying’ type but I saw my Mum and a close friend last night and they were both really worried about the size of it (my ankle has literally disappeared and my foot spills out past my wide flip flops). Both wanted me to go to the local walk in centre but I put them off hoping to go to the GP today.

I’ve tried to get a doctors appointment today but there are none available (I work over an hour from the surgery so can’t just go to sit and wait at the moment) but will try to get one for tomorrow (you have to ring the morning of when you want the appointment!)

Just wondering if anyone has any experience / advice as it’s really starting to get to me now. I expected the uncomfortable swelling later on but this swollen and painful at 14 weeks??


louby86 Thu 08-Sep-11 12:57:38

Hi, I hope you're not too uncomfortable. I don't want to worry you but any severe swelling should be checked out straight away as it may be a sign of an underlying problem. It is only slight swelling that is common, getting worse around the third trimester. Maybe give the GP a ring and say you need to be seen, explain you're only just in the second trimester and you can't get shoes on. Hope this helps

licoriceGreen Thu 08-Sep-11 14:00:49

It's always worth getting it checked but just to reassure you my hands and feet swelled really early on and it isn't anything serious just my bodies way of dealing with being pregnant. Make sure you drink lots of water, try to put your feet above your bump when you get home from work, don't stand for too long and give up heels (I miss heels sad ) On a more practical level evans do a wide and an extra wide fit shoe that look like normal shoes (rather than ones for grannies you see online) and they do boots to keep your toes warm.

NorthernGirlie Sun 11-Sep-11 15:51:46

Thanks ladies - bit the bullet and went to see GP on Friday - was sent straight to the hospital, given anti DVT injections for partenr to do twice a day and have a DVT scan booked for Tues - so much for me not wanting to bother the medical professionals - think it's slightly OTT but never mind! If DVT is ruled out it's just something I have to put up with apparently - here comes 5 months of pain and discomfort - the joys of becomming a Mummy eh?? ;) x

3littlefrogs Sun 11-Sep-11 15:56:44

Oh my goodness, have just seen this. I am so glad you went to the GP and that you are getting the correct investigation and treatment.

A swollen foot/ankle/leg plus calf pain in pregnancy is ALWAYS a medical emergency and warrants a trip to A&E. (No matter what stage of pregnancy you are at.)

Hope all turns out ok.

Glowbuggy Sun 11-Sep-11 18:17:50

Hi NorthernGirlie,
I had the same thing as you from about 14 weeks, ankles were huge, tight and sore. The right one more than the left. Had it all checked out and I'm fine, water retention. I'm 37 weeks now and I'm sorry to say but my ankles were swollen the whole time and I had to finish up work a bit earlier than I would have liked. Now my hands are starting to swell, but my blood pressure and everything else is perfect so no need for concern.
Now waiting for baby and the swelling to go down. Don't worry too much, lying flat helped me a lot and getting your feet up on abut 4 pillows, helped reduce the swelling at night at least. Also get some pressure tights from your midwife as these worked a treat. And they are free (and very unattractive ;)

Sunshinecurl Sun 11-Sep-11 18:30:43

I am also sorry to say that I have suffered from this throughout my pregnancy (now approaching 39 weeks) in my feet, ankles and legs. It is a real pain (sometimes quite literally) but with regular monitoring of blood pressure, you may find that it is just, as the midfwife said, one of those things. It appears that some of us are more succeptible to water retention than others during pregnancy.

londonmackem Sun 11-Sep-11 18:39:36

My whole body swelled and my skin stretched in places you don't want o even think about. However. bllod pressure stayed low and was fine but could hardly walk. Am still in wide fitting next size up 2 years later.....
Good luck with DVT scan.

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