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Quite surprised they let me go 14days overdue?

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SoBroken Thu 08-Sep-11 12:14:45

I'm probably just fed up and was hoping for an induction at the weekend, am already 7 days over, but the first date they could offer was next Wednesday.

Seems forever, just want to make sure this is safe, my older DS had very dry skin after he was induced at 10 days over and I am worried about bp and placenta issues as I won't have any more check ups between now and then.

Should I be worried?

jumpingtheshark Thu 08-Sep-11 12:20:48

I think it depends on the hospital policy. My hospital didn't book me in until 14 days overdue. I seem to remember going in once or maybe twice in the last few days - they monitored me on a machine and I also had a scan to check the placenta and fluid. When DS was finally persuaded out at 17 days overdue (!), he did have dry skin but apart from that was fine, good score at birth etc.

If you are really worried, talk to your midwife and tell her of your concerns; they may well offer to check up if you are concerned.

nannyl Thu 08-Sep-11 13:46:12

In my hospital they refuse to induce routinely until 14 days over.

Im 39+4 and i know my dates are wrong, so if i get there I wont be accepting induction at that point anyway

Purplebuns Thu 08-Sep-11 15:11:37

You can request monitoring and I would recommend you do, I was induced 12 days over and had some fetal distress due to being late and DD not liking labour much. Aside from that she shed all of her skin twice she was so dry like a snake

nannyl Thu 08-Sep-11 17:05:20

if you mean me purple, then yes i will be having fetal monitoring smile
(and clearly if there was a problem then i would do whatever, but i wont be routinely induced without a reason when my dates are wrong)

we are not offered that until 14 days over either....

zipzap Thu 08-Sep-11 17:18:27

My sis wasn't induced until she was 40+21 days with her dd1 - she was desperate to give birth but the hospital realised that they were busy when she was about 40+7days and decided all of a sudden that they had obviously been wrong about her dates all the way through and that she was actually due a week later than she thought.

She knew her dates perfectly well - nothing to suggest that they were wrong. Strange how none of the medical professionals who saw her all the way through her pregnancy thought they were wrong - and nothing at all to do with the fact that the hospital were busy angry With the benefit of hindsight and knowledge from MN I'm pretty sure that they wouldn't be able to do this to her now but I bet that they are still doing it to others.

They kept fobbing her off that she had a small baby, despite a huge bump. And surprise surprise a 10lb baby popped out

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