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Feeding bra's

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dribbleface Thu 08-Sep-11 09:35:39

Remind me.....i know i can get these around now (almost 37 weeks) but what do i do in terms of size, is it just up a cup size, cannot remember what i did when pregnant with DS, and have already been wearing the huge feeding bras i brought back then as i'm much bigger this time!


AKMD Thu 08-Sep-11 09:58:13

I'd get properly measured then you will have the perfect cup size smile

dribbleface Thu 08-Sep-11 10:15:55

do the department stores do maternitiy measuring? Liked the Dr Mirriam Stoppard bras but think you can only get them in debenhams?

Catsycat Thu 08-Sep-11 11:41:36

Found this online, copied it then closed the window without looking which website it was (doh!):

Nursing Bras

Have your nursing bras fitted or buy them online around the 36th week of your pregnancy , (using the measuring chart below), to ensure you have everything you need in preparation for birth. Many babies arrive before their due date and it is better to be prepared than give your partner the task of shopping for nursing underwear !

Your shape will change after birth , in that the ribcage will shrink and the cup size will increase.

Your nursing bra should feel tight if fitted at 36 weeks and the cup should have enough room to allow for milk expansion and breast pads. If you make the mistake of buying the underband in a larger size, your bra will ride up at the back, push down at the front and will not support your breast in the correct way for nursing. As a rough guide the average mum wearing 34B pre-pregnancy will be wearing 34DD/E when nursing. Mums who have a fuller bust often have less of an increase in their cup size. E.G. 34F Pre-pregnancy around 34H when nursing.

Fabric content is all-important. Cotton or breathable microfibre is best. Avoid bras with a high nylon content as your skin needs to breath. Nylon/ viscose or similar fabrics tend to trap heat and moisture in your bra which may lead to thrush.

Make sure that any trims on your bras, often put there to make the bra prettier are the same fabric as the rest of the bra. Most mums are more comfortable when they do not have any nylon directly against the breast.

Bra straps should be broader than the average fashion bra to help support the added weight in your breast. They also need to be fully adjustable to allow for mums with a smaller torso or who are shorter/longer from shoulder to ribcage.

Your nursing bra should have give at the top of the cup as your breasts may engorged with milk around day 3/4 when your hindmilk comes in. Many mums also experience engorgement during the night or when they are away from baby for any length of time.

Most nursing bras are now designed with the ‘KWIK KLIP’ drop cup system which, with a little practice you should be able to manage with one finger.

Feeding access needs to be wide enough to allow you to expose your breast properly ,and your bra should be folded under the breast staying well away from the baby’s mouth. Some padded bras are particularly bad for refusing to stay down, just as you have got baby attached. If you are feeding in public ,try using a nursing vest or cover yourself with a shawl, stretchy cardigan or feeding apron .

The interior part of your bra should have a sling, which helps to protect the side of the breast for added support.

Avoid using a lot of fabric conditioner on your bras as this can soften the bands too much causing lack of support, but machine washing is fine.^

Personally, I love the Hot Milk bras, as I found them comfortable and they look more like "proper" lingerie than most other maternity/feeding bras available in my (huge) size!

Catsycat Thu 08-Sep-11 11:45:40

I know M&S and Mothercare both do maternity measuring, but both measured completely differently on the same day, neither bra fitted (one was huge and flappy all over, the other rode up at the back) and were both obviously wrong and uncomfortable (I didn't buy them!!!!). I have found that the range available in the high street is very limited in my size, so only really granny bras were available. I had a Hot Milk bra fitted at The Baby Show, and it was amazing, so I just ordered more of them online after that. Good luck!

dribbleface Thu 08-Sep-11 11:50:48

thanks ladies,

DS at nursery monday so will pop into relevant shops etc then and perhaps order online.

thanks again

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