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Early dating scan

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halecromp Wed 07-Sep-11 22:05:52

Hi all, I got a bfp on Sunday after being told by the fertility consultant I had seen on Thursday that I must test before beginning the medication they had prescribed me! I didnt expect it to be positive as I don't 'feel' pregnant like I did when I was expecting my dd and I havent had an af since the end of May. I tested at the time but 4 -5 tests gave a negative result. The last negative test I did was probably 7 weeks ago so my GP and midwife think I am only 5-6 weeks but have requested a scan asap as it's been almost 15 weeks since my last period. Has anyone else experienced anything similar and how long did you have to wait for the scan from the referral being made? I am so happy but still trying to get my head around and not knowing how far gone I am is driving me insane! xxx

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