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Bowels gone to crap!!

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LauraSmurf Wed 07-Sep-11 20:57:08

Ok now I'm fed up!! Not been the easiest pregnancy so far and I'm 28 weeks. But i am now well and truly fed up with my bowels! Since 6 weeks I have swung back and forth between too often and not often enough. there were about 2 weeks between 22 -24 that were ok.

Put simply, I miss having a proper decent poo!
I take 1/2 fyborgel every morning and occasionally lactose if I feel it getting it worse. I have altered diet, made sure I drink loads, still bowels are not as they once were! I miss a good poo!

That's all!

themightyskim Wed 07-Sep-11 21:14:23

no advice only sympathy but im just six weeks and im yoyoing between the two, at least your a lot further on than me - feel better that I still have it all to look foreward to!! x

RFCMummy Wed 07-Sep-11 21:33:04

I am the same and am constipated more often than not. I eat only brown bread, brown rice, brown pasta, eat loads of fruit and veg and drink loads of water but still have to use senna a couple of times a week to get things moving! The joys of a good poo should once more be ours after the birth! X

justinhawkinsnavalfluff Wed 07-Sep-11 22:56:59

Also lots of sympathy swinging between too much and not enough. 29 weeks. Today super explosion at work just as I noticed only 5 sheets of toilet paper .........blush

themightyskim Thu 08-Sep-11 10:30:26

thats just given me a belly laugh justinhawkinsnavelfluff hope you got sorted without too much trauma x

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