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question about induction

(7 Posts)
jan2011 Wed 07-Sep-11 00:07:17

first pregnancy here so just have a question - i saw the consultant who said that if i hadn't dilated or had any signs of labour in week 39 then she would give me a membrane sweep. then if that didn't do anything, she would set a date to induce me. im just wondering if this is normal standard practice?

Misty9 Wed 07-Sep-11 06:16:15

It seems to differ in different areas, but most will offer sweeps betweens 39-41 weeks, and induction seems to be offered between 10-14days post-term. Remember though, you don't have to accept it (or sweeps) and can request monitoring of the placenta and fluid levels instead.
I'm 40+2 so heading that way but planning a HB so gonna hold out as long as poss, as long as the baby is fine. Officially overdue isn't until after 42wks smile

jan2011 Wed 07-Sep-11 08:17:05

ok thanks. i will look up what the benefits and risks of inductions etc are as i don't know much about it all. i don't know why she wants to induce me around my due date if there is no reason until week 42 and i really don't want a sweep but thats only because i would find it sore and uncomfortabe - if its needed i should really go through with it. good luck with your HB and getting everything going naturally its not long for you now!

tiddleypompom Wed 07-Sep-11 08:22:33

What misty says - but FWIW I asked my midwife when I would be offered a sweep and she said 'not until post 40 weeks' - my appt is booked in at 40+6. This is in West Mids.
I would tend to agree with your view that if there is no need (i.e. mum and baby are fine) then leave alone until 42 (even then it is your choice) and hope for a spontaneous labour.
There is a fair bit of discussion on the Sept EDD thread - you might want to pop onto that, or MN google similar, for a more thorough debate on the benefits or otherwise...
Good luck! smile & see you back on our 'still waiting' thread misty!

BlingLoving Wed 07-Sep-11 08:22:35

Not that I amconvinced they work, I think rejecting a sweep for being "sore and uncomfortable" is probably pointless. It is, potentially, the first step to labour which is definitely a "bit sore and uncomfortable" grin

An0therName Wed 07-Sep-11 08:26:27

my consultant offered me a sweep at 40 weeks -but general in my area was 41 weeks - I had 4 - 2 for each baby and they didn't do anything -it was useful to know nothing was happening through - but one was v painful indeed
Personally I would avoid induction if no medical reason - but maybe in your case there is - if under 42 weeks - more painful-possibly and higher likihood of intervention

MissusD Wed 07-Sep-11 08:34:24

Sweep is nothing to worry about, at least it's very 'normal' worth asking for before they go towards induction...that may or may not be necessary. it seems to be a balance of listening to yourself, your doctor, the midwife, and putting anyone else's stories into perspective (every person is different), make a BIG choice: is it about you? or your baby? If you're someone strong and confident and want the nicest birth experience, you have LOTS of support and know how to make it 'fun', then push away against the hospital 'protocols/policy' as you're not another statistic. However, if you're a little bit nervous or not sure, choose to TRUST the best and most experienced DOCTOR and MIDWIFE (and let the prattle from mums and other people), you may not get the most lovely birth experience on earth, but you will be in safe hands who want the safety of the baby need ONE advocate only to keep eye on everyone and LISTEN to you (I am not sure either, but am finding confusing the conflicting advice - so I realise that as long as the top doctor and MOST experienced Midwife - as a lot of staff are around always - and not the fearful but sweet junior doctor or the very right on pal who knows how it can go wrong - but it hasn't gone wrong yet...well get ONE person to be on 'your side' and defend your instincts - i also rang the midwive helpline - provided by the hospital - but if yours doesn't have one - google any up and down the land - and ask every little question of an EXPERIENCED midwife - who will seek out how YOU feel and reassure you! Good luck and blessings...

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