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early symptoms of pregnancy

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badgerbrisket Tue 06-Sep-11 20:13:13

I think I'm pretty in tune with my body as I eat healthily, sleep well don't drink or smoke and am generally fit and well, but for over 2 weeks now I have been having strange period pain like cramps, constant nausea major fatigue, headaches and REALLY weird dreams;
(One that my grand mother who is 90 had a whole room full of babies and another that I had killed someone and stored them in jiffy bags only to find at the end of the dream that this person was fine and I had just imagined it like a dream inside a dream confused )

I just feel pregnant but i am not due on till the 12th.

I haven't got any children yet and am awaiting the result with very mixed emotions.

Has anyone else experienced symptoms from very early on?

Thanks for reading.

justhayley Tue 06-Sep-11 20:21:07

Hiya I experienced really similar symptoms - apart from being a jiffy bag killer lol. I have polisistic overies so my periods are really irregular, but I had period like cramps but no period, I fell asleep on the bus on the way to work, and had a few headaches. I'm like u and just felt my body was different - took a pregnancy test - then another 3 (just to be sure) and sure enough I was pregnant!
I think clear blue do a test that can get a positive result 4 days before ur period is due if u can't wait till the 12th.

Hope you get the result you want either way!

Hayley x

themightyskim Tue 06-Sep-11 22:03:06

The dreams were my big give away they went mental all of a sudden, I didnt really have a lot of other symptoms apart from lots of cramps - good luck smile

feekerry Tue 06-Sep-11 22:08:40

I think I knew a good week before my period was due. I just didn't feel right. Just felt odd. Bigest give away for me was i'm normally the always cold but all of a sudden felt so hot all the time which I knew wasn't normal! I took one of those early tests about 6 days before period was due and it was negative. Took one couple days later and it was very positive. Good luck, I think sometimes you just know!

badgerbrisket Wed 07-Sep-11 07:32:35

Thank you, I'm glad to about the clear blue I just can't wait to do a test, I had heard that pregnancy makes your dreams weird and it's been every night!
I will take a test soon and let you know, though I hope my college lecturers will let me continue with my studies until April.

I will also loose my job because I am a nanny and I don't have a contract so probably wont get Mat leave pay, also wouldn't want to go back to nannying if I had my own.
Fortunately I rent with my partner who is a school teacher so we won't starve just lots to think about.
Thank you for your advice smile

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