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Overdue rant (light hearted!)

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Newmummytobe79 Tue 06-Sep-11 13:05:25

nearly 1 week overdue ... today I have:

Replied to 4 - 'any news?' text messages (no facebook notifications today ... think everyone on there is bored now!)

Got p*ssed off at how to change nappy/newborn email updates from Bounty/Pampers/anyotherbabywebsitethatIsignedupforat8weekspregnantforweeklyupdates ... where is my 41 week update!?!

Waddled to front door to pick up post ... Newborn supermarket update magazine!!!

Eaten a whole pineapple

Drank a cup of raspberry tea (I used two bags!)

Showered, moisturised feet, flossed, shaved legs, put on mascara

Googled the words Overdue/Sweep/Induction ... and wished I hadn't sad

Cleaned kitchen ... looked at rest of house and sat on sofa (nesting instinct GONE!)

Now watching Loose Women (which I swore I wouldn't do!) ... anyone else having such fun today? grin x

CBear6 Tue 06-Sep-11 14:23:23

I'm not due until Sunday but you have my sympathies!

If I so much as mention boredom to anyone or say I have nothing planned for such-and-such a day I'm told "have the baby then, that'll give you something to do!". If only it was so easy!

I've had it pointed out multiple times that I will have my hands full when baby arrives because DS (2yo) is into everything and makes a beeline for every single baby he sees so that he can chatter to them in a high pitched voice and go "awwwww" with his hands clasped under his chin (I've no idea where he gets that from). I almost cried yesterday when a lovely da at soft play told me that DS is going to be a great big brother because it made such a change from the "he's a handful" comments, it meant even more to me because DS was chattering to this guy's small baby at the time smile

I've folded and refolded everything.

I've got my third load of laundry today running through the washer and the previous two loads have been through the drier, been ironed, been folded, and have been put away.

I've got a slab of pate in the fridge ready for a treat after baby arrives. I've missed pate.

I've been asked "have you not had that baby yet?" complete with a look at my very large bump. Does it look like it?! Even worse when it's from my GP's receptionist - she sends out all of the congratulations on your new baby letters so she would know if I had!

I've fallen victim to internet shopping, DH is having a very good birthday on Saturday! I also had far too much time to think it over and have decided, five days from my due date, that I need the carseat for the new pushchair. The carseat that won't be available for delivery for four weeks.

Luckily DH starts a fortnights holiday tomorrow so hopefully he can keep me entertained!

licoriceGreen Tue 06-Sep-11 14:40:42

I'm not even overdue yet but am already fed up of the waiting, I bought clarity sage oil today to pop in the bath. I'm super organized so everything has been ready for weeks, come on baby where are you <<bounces on birthing ball again>>

licoriceGreen Tue 06-Sep-11 14:44:16

P.s cbear6 I couldn't deal with the temptation of pate in the fridge, I've been craving it since the second I found out I couldn't have it. DH knows that if I have to stay in hospital and he turns up to visiting without pate he's going home smile

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