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Tw1nkle Tue 06-Sep-11 12:43:28

Sorry if I've posted this in the wrong forum, but I can't find one for miscarriage.
I've just found out I've miscarriage at 10 weeks - totally gutted.
I now have 3 options apparently and I'm totally confused!!!

I can either wait, and let pregnancy pass naurally (I'm already bleeding).
I can take some tablets, then pass pregnany in hospital in a few days, or
I have have D&C.

I've never had a D&C, and don't like the thought of a general aneasthetic, so I was wondering if anyone had done either of the other two options, and could give me anymore info?


LIG1979 Tue 06-Sep-11 12:56:15

I am so so sorry for what you are going through - it was a horrible time for me when I discovered I had a missed miscarriage. I had a missed miscarriage back in April - after about 6 weeks of waiting for it to happen I then had an ERPC (like D&C but they use vacuum).

I would have the ERPC again as the waiting didn't really work for me as I never completely miscarried and the 6 weeks was 6 weeks when I could have been moving on, but instead I was waiting and trying anything to get my body to kick off a miscarriage. I have also heard of people having horrible natural miscarriages but I understand that they give you pain relief.

The ERPC was pain free and I was out by lunchtime. The anesthetic was really light so I didn't feel drowsy/sick afterwards. I took an extra day off work because I wasn't meant to drive after the anesthetic but worked from home as I felt fine. There are risks but I think they are small....

I am not sure about medical management as it wasn't an option for me but hopefully someone else can help you.

LIG1979 Tue 06-Sep-11 12:58:55

Forgot to say there is a miscarriage section - look at the bottom of the page and you can click on it. It has really helped me with both the physical and emotional side of miscarriage. I know that it was something that I had never really thought about or knew about and the help I got was invaluable as very few people in real life understood what I was going through.

CBear6 Tue 06-Sep-11 13:23:34

My first miscarriage (at 6wks) was incomplete, I was told I could either wait for it to happen on it's own or I could have surgery or medication. Because I was already bleeding I decided to just wait and they gave me an appointment for a follow-up scan. The bleeding was fairly heavy, like a heavy period, but as soon as everything had passed it slowed down pretty much instantly and became like the end of a period. I bled for around ten days in total, including the spotting that was the start of the mc.

My second miscarriage was a missed miscarriage picked up at 15w (baby died at 14w). I was told a D&C was not the best option nor was waiting for a natural miscarriage to happen so I had the medication. I felt a bit sick after the first tablet and I was scared the night before the second lot of pills but that's more because I don't like hospitals. When I had the second lot of pills nothing happened after the four tablets which were inserted like a pessary but a few hours later they gave me two pills to swallow and it started fairly quickly after that with period-like cramps. I was offered pain relief and opted for paracetamol. The cramps got closer together and after around 30 minutes of this I just knew it was about to happen so I went in the bathroom everything passed. I didn't have to look or anything, just buzzed for the nurse and she collected the tray thing they use and took it away. The cramps stopped straight away and while I was weepy and a bit shaky I wasn't in any discomfort. I had to stay for a few hours afterwards for them to monitor the bleeding and then I was able to go home. I bled for around three weeks afterwards and then my period came a few days afterwards, it was heavier and longer than usual so by the end I felt like I'd been bleeding for weeks and weeks but I had no ill effects.

With the natural mc I felt more relaxed and calm because I was in my own surroundings and I was able to mourn for my baby in private. DH and I just holed ourselves up in the house for a few days with DVD box sets, junk food, and cans of coke and we got each other through it (he got me through more than I got him through if truth be told). We went for walks and lay on the bed just hugging and we talked and the experience was ours alone, if that makes sense.

With the medicated mc it was harder because I had to take these pills and because I read the leaflets they gave me and the consent form which scared me half to death. Leaflets and consent forms always give the worst case scenario and obviously they have to make you aware but I was in a vulnerable state so rather than reading it as "this might happen but is rare" I read it as "this will happen". I imagined it was going to be like some sort of horror movie blood bath and I'd be in so much pain and it would go wrong and all sorts of awful things so that even though the whole procedure only took 48 hours from first pill to second pills/finished it was so much more stressful and mentally/emotionally I found it much worse. However it wasn't the horrific, painful blood bath I imagined. The pain was no worse than a period and the whole thing was handled with respect and compassion, the staff were lovely, and I had a private room so was able to cry and talk with DH, etc without disturbing other patients.

You need to have a think about what would be best for you and how you're feeling. It's a personal thing and what's right for one person isn't necessarily right for another. I'm very sorry for your loss, be kind to yourself x

Tw1nkle Tue 06-Sep-11 13:31:09

Thank you,
I have just found the other forum section, so I'll post there!

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