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help planned c section next week?

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justmee Tue 06-Sep-11 05:41:00

After waiting 4 years to fnally be a mummy looks like next week i will be ( feel like crying even writing it! ) ayways i am using clexane and doctor has taken me off it today and told me next week on the 14th i will go in for a section i have a choice to have a epidural or to be knocked out i live abroad and when our baby is born he wont be giving to me straight away even if it was a natral birth hes basically cleaned up shown to me then taken out to where the family will be waiting then when i come round or am cleaned up after the section i will be taken into the room ..i dont know what choice to make as im really scared of needles and scared to be in a room on my own with the doctors whilst there poking around keep thinking if i die or bleed to much and hear them saying that ill totally freak out and im more scared that the epidurul is going to really hurt anyone filll me in on this ??? how am i going to last another week i do not know im already scared being off these injections then once that day comes im going to be freaking out about the section ...

barbie1 Tue 06-Sep-11 06:23:36

I am not the world's biggest fan of needles and did the whole birth plan of no pain killers and it all being lovely and relaxed blush

Fast forward to being induced and asking for everything going! I had to have emcs and was given gas and air before the epidural just to take the edge of it and to relax me, is that an option for you?

With the epidural you will of course be awake as you have the section but you will be so excited about meeting you lo that you won't be so concerned as to what is going on the other side of the curtain.

I too am abroad and in most cases the baby is taken away from you while you are stitched up and spend an hour in recovery. I was adamant however that i wanted skin to skin as soon as the baby was born, we spend 10 mins together and she latched on right away! She left with dh who followed her to the nursery and waited to bring her to our room, she arrived about the same time as i did.

Can you talk over your fears with someone before you go in next week?

hubbahubster Tue 06-Sep-11 11:49:19

Trust me, you do not want to be knocked out. Why would you want to miss the birth of your child?!

I was petrified before my ELCS, but once you're in the hospital you just put up with whatever you have to - and it's not as bad as you might think, honestly. Even if they give you a general, you still have to have injections, drips etc and you'll be awake when all that happens. It isn't an easier option and it'll play havoc with breastfeeding.

If I were you I'd insist on skin to skin rather than having baby taken away. It's your body, your child and no matter what country you live in, no one can force you to do anything. You'll be a mother and it's your choice. Good luck!

Chrysanthemum5 Tue 06-Sep-11 11:56:35

I've had an emergency section and a planned one, and the epidural both times did not hurt at all. They should numb the area so you won't feel it. The staff are used to the fact that people are nervous about the injections so please just say to them, and they will help you.

It's much better to stay conscious in terms of recovery, and for mentally accepting the fact that you go in without a baby but come out with one.

As for the actual experience, you will feel some tugging as they take the baby out, you may feel pressure on your chest as sometimes the surgeon has to lean on you to be able to reach the baby. You should not feel any pain.

Even when I had my emergency section the staff were all very calm and the atmosphere was relaxed.

Please don't panic, and congratulations on becoming a parent!

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