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Waters all by baby's feet

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Merlioness Mon 05-Sep-11 22:09:00

I went to my doctor today (28+5), as I was worried about less movement from bubba.
He did a scan and found baby looking happy enough and (as always happens) now happily moving.
He was however concerned, as there were no waters by baby's face, or torso.
All the waters are pooled by the feet 2 inches worth).
Baby has turned breech last night and I'm not aware of any leaks, though the doctor asked me several times.
I was then quickly taken to a CTG, which I was hooked on for over an hour and baby doesn't appear to be in distress.

Has anyone come across this before? I'm still a little worried, as I'm going away on holiday and hospitals are not easy to come by at my destination.
The doctor was happy for me to go.

Thanks for reading and any advice given smile

CombineArvester Mon 05-Sep-11 22:15:22

Where are you going? I haven't come across this before but have had waters break / leak early (once very early). I know sometimes hindwaters can leak (slow leak of the waters around the baby's head), or sometimes waters can break and reseal.

Did they do a swab to check for amniotic fluid / infection? Did they suggest a reason for the waters pooling in one place e.g. could it be because baby has just turned breech?

If I were you I would want more information from the doctors / midwives themselves before I went on holiday to somewhere where there may not be adequate care for a premature baby.

twotesttickles Mon 05-Sep-11 22:17:20

Your baby is paddling wink

If it was a worry they would be recommending you don't go.

Believe me, I had to cancel my holiday for something similar.

CombineArvester Mon 05-Sep-11 22:22:38

one more thing - what was your amniotic fluid index and what was the deepest pool? Was 2 inches your index or your deepest pool?

Merlioness Mon 05-Sep-11 22:25:42

I'm going to the Maldives (from where I am it's just a 4 hour flight), so the closest hospital is 40 minutes by seaplane.

I haven't been given a reason for the waters pooling and had no swabs or anything, as the doctor seemed pretty confident by the end of the CTG that everything is fine.
Baby has perked up significantly since and I feel a lot happier.

If my waters had gone, wouldn't I have noticed? FTM here...
I don't recall wet knickers (apart from normal discharge) blush
Would I have had to lose my plug before they could come out?

Merlioness Mon 05-Sep-11 22:27:45

combine the deepest pool measured 2 inches across.
I don't know about an index. This has never been actively measured before and I've only ever been told "the water level is good"

CombineArvester Mon 05-Sep-11 22:41:07

I noticed, I'm told some people don't.

I was worried 2 inches was your AF index....In the UK they measure deepest pockets of fluid in four quadrants of the uterus and add them together to make the amniotic fluid index , so if your amniotic fluid index was 5 cm (v low) your deepest pocket of fluid would be a lot less than your 2 inches, your deepest measurement might be less than 2cm!

I'm sure they would've told you if you had low fluid levels overall anyway. f you feel happy that your doctors know what they are doing and have given you all the info you need to feel confident, 40 minutes by seaplane doesn't sound too bad (not like the australian outback or anything grin).

Merlioness Mon 05-Sep-11 22:45:47

Thanks smile
I feel loads better since you explained the index. Definitely just the one measurement across the puddle and he said that normally they are happy wit an inch round baby and this was a big pocket.

Yes, seaplane isn't too bad, but they can only fly during daylight hours.

Thank you for your advice. I appreciate it very much smile

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