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Morning/afternoon/evening sickness !!!

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Stogan Mon 05-Sep-11 14:37:56

Afternoon all

Is anyone else still suffering sickness at almost 13 weeks? I've had no sickness at all until the last 2 weeks and now it's all the time but mainly in the afternoons between 2 and 6 , god I feel rotten please say it's not just me !!

roz1982 Mon 05-Sep-11 15:35:29

I had really bad morning sickness, sometimes all day, with nausea and vomiting from about 6 to 16 weeks. I really don't think theres any hard and fast rules to it, but usually, by the time your well into 2nd tri it eases off for most people. It's just bloody horrible though innit!!

IvoryRoses Mon 05-Sep-11 15:36:02

I am 12 and a half weeks and still feeling so sick. I ended up in hospital on a drip last week and started to feel a bit better, but the sickness is back with a vengeance today sad
Let's hope we feel better soon x

Stogan Mon 05-Sep-11 15:41:31

Thanks ladies I knew it wouldn't just be me but pleased to actually hear/see it from real people not just reading it in books !!

Crikey ivory you've had it rough honey, hope ur ok now ? 

IvoryRoses Tue 06-Sep-11 15:40:05

I am feeling a little better now thanks stogan. Last week I couldn't keep anything down meaning I ended up with ketones in my urine (which I was told can be damaging). I feel better for getting that extra fluid through the drip but still feeling sick sad hopefully the end is near! X

Happyfinnish Tue 06-Sep-11 15:50:45

Poor you, I had this too, it's hellish. Not saying it is but just in case, there are hyperemesis threads that might help, or google 'hyperemesis'. Good luck.

Stogan Tue 06-Sep-11 17:52:57

Aw bless u ivory and happy. Well this post must have hit home with my baby as today I have not felt sick at all, it's been taken over by wind and bloat instead !!!!! I'm like a whale !! 

Happyfinnish Tue 06-Sep-11 18:55:29

smile Glad to hear you've been feeling less sick today. Wind and bloat isn't a barrel of laughs either but better than constant sickness IME!

I was sick with DS from the day after my BFP to the day before my wedding (4.5m) it then went away but came back in the last month (though not as bad)

8w now with DC2 and feeling like shit. Hope its better this time, but not holding my breath...

Oeisha Tue 06-Sep-11 21:58:02

I am/was a lunchtime and late evening puker. Started up properly about 9-10wks and finally started to feel better at 18wks. Had entire days where I kept very little/nothing down at all, and others that weren't too bad. Still getting very nauseous late evening now - 20wks. Now very rarely actually sick, but I'm not ruling it out...especially not tonight, fell very green!

BubaMarra Thu 08-Sep-11 07:37:24

With both of my pregnancy I was sick only evening/night. From week 7 to 12-ish. Morning was the best part of the day. I dreaded 5pm mark as it meant the sickness was going to kick in.

Bartimaeus Thu 08-Sep-11 09:10:34

I was sick several times a day from 6 to 16 weeks. Morning, afternoon and evening.

Then only twice a day up til 18 weeks. Once a day up to 20 weeks. Then every couple of days, grdaually easing off to every couple of weeks throughout the rest of the pregnancy (am 36+3 and was sick last night, 3 weeks after the last time I was sick).

Hated the evening puking most as I'd usually feel relatively ok from about 4pm, eat a normal dinner at 8pm and throw it all up at 10pm angry.

Stogan Thu 08-Sep-11 13:48:04

Well today I've felt dick from 9am to 1pm and all I wanted was tomato soup and boy do I feel better (til I throw it up in approx 10 mins lol ) x

RickGhastley Thu 08-Sep-11 13:54:13

I'm 18 1/2 weeks and still feeling dreadful - sorry probably not what you want to hear!

Tis grim (and getting worse not better!)

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