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hormonal weirdness?

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Rubeywednesday Mon 05-Sep-11 12:30:34

I am 18 weeks pregnant and having the most strange feelings towards my husband!

I am just pathetically grateful to him all the time and so loved-up its shocking. We are a generally happy couple anyway but in the last few weeks I have developed only what i can describe as an obsession with him..... and after 12 years together! I can't stop thinking about him and love doing things such as cooking him elaborate dinners and cleaning up after him instead of nagging him for his sloppy habits.

Its very nice in a way and I'm certainly not complaining about being in love - just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced anything similar? I can't helping thinking it must be a hormonal/evolutionary thing to keep one or other of us from straying at this crucial time....

HPonEverything Mon 05-Sep-11 12:42:01

Yes yes yes! We're very much like you two as well - 10 years together and generally a happy couple.

I put it down to me seeing him doing things for me/baby like some kind of caveman protector or something, in an evolutionary way like you say. Just the thought of him not being there makes me cry. I have a mass panic when I hear a siren and he's out, just in case it's something to do with him blush which is terrible really.

Rubeywednesday Mon 05-Sep-11 12:54:05

HPonEverything - your post made me laugh out loud, and I know exactly how you feel (tears and paranoia and everything). Isn't it weird? I guess we should just enjoy it before they start annoying us again. I know my DH is definitely capable of that under normal circumstances

kiki22 Mon 05-Sep-11 19:26:22

Thank god i've read this thread was starting to wonder what was wrong with me!

melliebobs Mon 05-Sep-11 21:27:05

I've gone the opposite and feel bloomin aweful for it. Dh has noticed and is understanding though but I hope it doesnt last for long. But we've gone from being a cuddly couple to me not wanting my personal space invaded n not particularly appreciate physical contact. we were on the train the other day and his knee was touching my knee and it drove me to the point of snapping! U got to laugh, it's just so wierd

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