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Morning sickness tablets

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froggers1 Sun 04-Sep-11 15:59:48

Has anyone else taken the anti-nausea tablets the doc can prescribe and do they help with the constant nausea? I had it pretty bad the first time and am 7 weeks and heading the same way I think and am going on hols when I am 10 weeks so very nervous about the journey....

nannyl Sun 04-Sep-11 16:08:54

i have cyclizine.

I got them at 7 weeks, and finally (though maybe temporarily?) stopped them 2 days ago at 39 weeks.

For me yes thet really helped, though i still had HG and vomitted a lot, i was able to stay hydrated (just)

I went down from 3 a day to 2 a day at about 26 weeks i think, but i just couldnt get myself down to a lower dose than that (and was still sick most days) at about 34 / 35 weeks i dropped to 1 tablet and was still sick about the same amount

In the last 3 weeks, i have only vomitted 4 times, so as of yesturday i stopped taking them completley. We will see what happens.

Personally i could not have got buy without them. I tried so many times to wean myself off them, but was always being sicker and feeling much iller after just a few days.

My GP was very very reluctant to prescribe them initially though.... (I went about 4 times in a week feeling like death) it was only when it was clear that my MS was actually HG that i got them, and for the first month or so i was only given a weeks supply at a time, with strict instructions to try and live without them..... i couldnt!
When i 1st got them i couldnt take them anyway, as by that point was vomiting everything so i needed to go to hospital 1st to get some anti-sickness stuff in me by IV... and then i could take them (sometimes)

froggers1 Sun 04-Sep-11 17:51:11

You poor thing - it sounds like you have really friend had it bad like that and said she knew when the baby's head was out cos she didn't feel sick anymore....hope all goes well xxx

Empusa Sun 04-Sep-11 17:53:30

I've been taking Prochlorperazine, and it seems to help quite a lot.

razzdazz Sun 04-Sep-11 18:04:59

I also had prochlorperazine, initially in a tablet that dissolved between your gum and lip, ideal when I couldnt tolerate swollowing anything.

feekerry Sun 04-Sep-11 18:46:06

i have both cyclizne and ondanestron on fairly high doses. the cyclizne alone only has a limited effect with me (been to admitted to hospital twice now with HG, i'm now 12 weeks) the ondanestron was prescribed by the hospital as a 'last resort' type pf drug. it works really really well for me, i still take the cyclizne too as that plus the ondanestron just seems to work. still sick maybe once every other day but no where near as bad as before and i can almost eat and drink normally. think they are reluctant to prescribe ondanestron as its very costly to the NHS.

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