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Cot, cot bed & junior bed

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MrsRV Sun 04-Sep-11 11:54:22

Trying to work out whether to buy a cot and junior bed later on or whether to just buy a cot bed now? Help!

P.s this is our first baby, we do want more but think that will be when first 1 is school age!! Don't know if that makes a difference or not?

BuffyFan Sun 04-Sep-11 12:09:55

I guess it depends on what space you have and also whether you like the look of cotbeds or not.

I'm pg with DC1, and we've gone for a cot, but partly because he'll start off in a very small room. If you've got space for storage, I'd say cot and then junior bed, because the cot won't go to waste so long as you can keep hold of it for a few years.

If you get a cot bed, you can move DC1 into a "proper" bed and then use the cot bed again but if DC2 turns up sooner than you expect, you'll end up needing to buy a second cot bed or a cot.

HTH - it's a tricky decision! smile

Crosshair Sun 04-Sep-11 12:12:23

I went for a cot bed, prefer something that should hopefully last a few years and grow with said child.

sleepevader Sun 04-Sep-11 13:01:49

Cot bed Then normal bed.

Last time ds had cot then normal bed around age 2.

Junior bed bit if a waste of money especially as you have to buy special sized bedding. Cot bed we have got this time is a drop side and was only £136.

Fresh01 Sun 04-Sep-11 13:12:55

Cot bed then onto a normal single bed. Between 2.3 and 3 they were in bed part of cot then at around 3 straight into a single bed.

dizzy77 Sun 04-Sep-11 13:40:18

I'm working on cot bed, then normal bed. Since if DS starts creeping in to sleep with us in the night when he's a bit older, I'll be able to creep out and get some rest ensure his safety in his normal bed. We should just about be able to fit both in his room if DC2 arrives sooner than anticipated.

Sandra2011 Sun 04-Sep-11 13:52:12

After moses basket we went straight to cot bed which will be a junior bed later.
We have a quite large bedroom so bed size was never a problem.

Sandalwood Sun 04-Sep-11 13:55:11

I did cot to single bed to keep cost down.

Iggly Sun 04-Sep-11 22:02:37

Cot to a small single bed (bit narrower than normal single) so not so overwhelming for DS but will last a while! He outgrew his cot at 22 months.

goodnightmoon Mon 05-Sep-11 10:25:21

we used a rocking cradle for first six months, then cot until 3 years. DS is now about to go into a junior bed and we will use the cot again for his coming sister once she is six months. We could have moved him into a single but preferred something smaller if even for a few years, and maybe by then we'll want bunk beds.
I don't see the rush to move them out of cots - DS sleeps great in his, never tries to get out and isn't squashed for space. I'm worried about the new bed frankly - that he will come in to us or bang on his door.

Wrigglebum Mon 05-Sep-11 10:48:48

Cot to small single. The small single is narrower than a single but full length, means I can get in there if DS has a bad night. Junior bed seemed like a bit of a waste of money to me, we want to get a cabin bed later but DS might grow out of a junior bed before he's ready for one.
Just go with what works best for you really, there's no right or wrong.

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