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only 40+1 but feeling low :-( (long post alert)

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jimmijam Sun 04-Sep-11 08:46:04

I dont know if part of it is being convinced all along that this 1 would come early, or because dh on 2 weeks hol and not allowed 2 take paternity leave straight after due to work being short staffed (so if i go 2 weeks over i'll need cs meaning dh taking a few days off unpaid 2 look after ds and dd, then having 2 look after all 3 whilst recovering and do an 85minute round trip 3 mornings a week 2 get ds to nursery and dd to school as i wouldnt b able 2 drive 4 6weeks), , the msgs that i keep getting asking if lo's here (id tell u if s/he was!!) or because i was getting pressure from my mum 2 have an august baby... Or if its just the aches, pains and constant braxton hicks, or the desperation 2 meet baby.
I need distracting . Going 2 2 fetes and a carnival yesterday didnt work tho, actually made me feel worse thinking 'i should b pushing a baby around hrre). Not got mw until thurs.
Anyone got any funny jokes, stories or experiences of how u distracted urself whilst waiting pleeeeaase?

glitternanny Sun 04-Sep-11 09:04:52

Eak - sorry to hear your story- I find computer games can really distract me - or puzzle games like bejewelled - a good book or film maybe?

hope LO arrives soon for you xx

jimmijam Sun 04-Sep-11 13:16:36

Thankyou!!! I may just try the computer games when dcs arent about tues morning. Thnx :-)

Misty9 Sun 04-Sep-11 16:22:54

oh, jimmijam sorry to hear you're feeling low. I'm due tomorrow so will be joining you in the distraction quest - how about the cinema? There's a couple of ok looking films come out recently...
Also, boxsets? The Killing (original version, not US one) has very good reviews and is about £35 on Amazon?
Or, if you're really desperate you could do my dissertation corrections for me?! grin can't believe I'm putting them off given how much harder it'll be to do with a newborn....

Hope you're feeling better x

princessdave Sun 04-Sep-11 17:35:14

Hi jimmijam
My EDD is today & I've been awake since 7am! Been trying to keep busy going for walks in the sunshine, making cakes & picking blackberries. Also visited both sets of parents but it's still in the back of my mind even though I know EDD is something to aim for rather than set in stone!
Borrowed a couple of DVDs from my sister for tonight & planning a nice relaxing bath with a book.
Very best of luck, hope LO arrives ASAP for you!x

jimmijam Tue 06-Sep-11 14:36:42

Hi princess and misty, any movement yet?
Consultant gave me a mini sweep yesterday, she was reluctant 2 do 1. But no bleeding or discharge since so i think it must have been a really mini 1. She said my cervix is seperated from my membranes, my waters could b broken and baby 3/5 engaged. Induction booked 4 17th wen dh back @ work :-( hoping lo will come b4 then but have a feeling i'll end up being induced.
Distraction method 4 2day- a fishy foot spa and walk around the shops :-) tho every1 was asking wen im due. Woman at foot spa even gave me her card and said she wants 2 know if the fish bring on labour!! I somehow doubt it!!

princessdave Tue 06-Sep-11 16:47:51

Hi jimmi
Nada here! MW attempted a sweep this morning (40+2) but my cervix is too far back, she couldn't get at it. Plus baby is 2/5 engaged so head was kind if in the way! She stopped as she could see it was really hurting. Booked in for another go next Tuesday and induction via gel booked for 16th. Got in a bit of a state as wasn't expecting that appt to be made now, kind of makes it all real but scary too. Was hoping like everyone I'm sure for labour to start naturally and to see how I cope. Still the main thing is baby is fine, good heartbeat, lots of movement and it's safe, fed and quiet for now!!

Report back if those fish work, there's one in our town centre! ;-)

Misty9 Tue 06-Sep-11 17:27:11

Hi jimmi and princess

Nope, nothing here either. Seeing midwife tomorrow at 40+2 so will enquire about a sweep. He was 1/5 engaged at last appt so nice and low but no signs of anything happening and it's hard to tell who's more frustrated, me or DH!
Distraction for today was walk to town and fav hot choc drink from cafe nero smile
Tomorrow I've planned trip to midwife, lunch out then cinema with DH - I'm lucky in that he's just started working from home after being made redundant.

Induction on 17th (isn't that a Saturday? They don't do weekends here apparently) is a way off yet Jimmi, so fingers crossed something happens before then. My DH has graduation ceremony for his Masters in London on the 16th, so I'm hoping to go into labour before then! Also planned a HB so really want to avoid induction...

Are either of you bothering with all the old wives tales? Can't say I've been arsed to eat pineapple, DTD or drink RLT (hate tea) - and walking miles is out in this weather and with SPD. Ah well, he'll come when he wants I guess.

Fingers crossed for you both smile

Flisspaps Tue 06-Sep-11 17:54:44

Can they deny paternity leave on the grounds of being short staffed? As far as I am aware, it's a legal right which works along the same lines as maternity leave - you TELL the employer you will be off, and that's that.

princessdave Tue 06-Sep-11 18:49:55

I haven't been drinking RLT Misty, probably too late to start now & have heard it's vile! I eat pineapple every week anyway (tinned) when all my fresh fruit is gone. Hasn't worked!

Flisspaps- I don't know but what you've said sounds right. Being denied Paternity leave sounds very mean spirited to me sad

jimmijam Tue 06-Sep-11 19:32:37

Paternity leave wise we believe u have 2 take it within 56days of birth, so will b insisting on taking it in oct or threaten 2 take it further. I told our boss dh will have 2 take leave in oct but i dont think he was interested, think hes fed up at mo (boss not dh)
Going 2 ask mw 4 a sweep thurs, will b 40+5. But with our 1st i had several sweeps and none worked, so not sure y im so desperate 2 get another 1!!
Cant believe we're all still here!
Mmm u'v inspired me, a hot choc in town may well b calling me 2moro :-)
Have started drinking rlt, i like the taste once its gone cold, quite refreshing.
Ooh 1 induction on 16th and another 17th (8,30am sat), fingers crossed none of us will have 2 wait that long!

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