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Somethings troubling me..

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HeifferunderConstruction Sat 03-Sep-11 23:15:27

say If I was to get prg again the first time I was told my rhubella had run out (vaccine) and I've basically forgotten to get it done since.
I know that duye to it being a live vaccine you cant get preg for 3mnths afterwards due to risk of brain damage. and right now I'm on implant so would it be a good idea just to get it done now, is it just a 3 months wait or is it more???
What would the docs/MW's do if I got prg and no rubella ??


HeifferunderConstruction Sat 03-Sep-11 23:17:48

* and no rubella viccine??

any advice would be good, anybody been in a similar situation??/

surfandturf Sat 03-Sep-11 23:33:07

Hope this link might help click here

laracroft2001 Sun 04-Sep-11 07:57:17


i am 26 wks pg but havent had a rubella vaccination as I am allergic to one of the ingredients in the vaccination. Dr said it should be fine as the chances of catching rubella are relatively slim x

HeifferunderConstruction Sun 04-Sep-11 08:39:35

thanks all

laracroft2001- they told me same thing, then sods law someone got it where I was wotking arrggh!

i'm gonna have a vaccine then wait 3/4 months I think

harassedandherbug Sun 04-Sep-11 08:48:52

I'm 24wks preg and have had my rubella vaccination, but at the booking in blood tests my immunity was a big fat zero! It was fine 5 years ago when I had dd.

Mw doesn't seem too bothered, just told me to avoid people with rubella! It hugely panicked me to start with but I'm kind of ok with it now. Not much I can do now tbh!

In your position I think I would have the vaccination and wait before ttc x

BedHog Sun 04-Sep-11 09:13:06

Personally I'd get the vaccine if you're not in a rush to get pregnant soon. DP's gran caught rubella when pregnant, and her daughter (DP's aunt) had severe learning disabilities, missing fingers and was unable to live independently as an adult. She died quite young (30s/40s?). Of course there is a lot less of the disease around these days because of the vaccination programme, so you are much less likely to catch it, but if you do it can have very serious consequences for your baby.

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Sun 04-Sep-11 10:31:27

Harassed - I had a rubella jab after DD 3 years ago and have no immunity either so have to have another jab after this one is born. They told me you have to have 2 jabs for it to give you immunity.

HeifferunderConstruction Sun 04-Sep-11 11:13:28

Oh thats horrid BedHog

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