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Any disabled parents to be?

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SunnyCarrie Sat 03-Sep-11 15:26:45

I now have had my son and he is 8mths old but I was given zero information about what was out there to help me with parenting tasks as disabled mother to be. My husband is also physically disabled, we both have very sever youth arthritis.

I am really cross about the complete lack of information on easy to use brands of nappies for doing with your teeth or lmited dexterous hands etc. What buggies were easy to lift, unfold, cots, where to get them adapted, what cot to buy etc. It was appauling and don't get me started on the baby groups! You are left in the wilderness as a disabled parents so any one who is pregnant now and has a physical disability please take a look at, well it is my blog but other mothers are starting to contribute suggestions so it is becoming our blog.

There are tips, reviews on easy to use high st baby equipment with the disabled or bad back person in mind. I hope you will not be left feeling as alone as my husband and I were in 2011 for crying out loud.

Enjoy and feel free to be involved, it is all disabled parents blog.

SunnyCarrie Sat 03-Sep-11 15:30:51

P.S you can find me on mumsnet bloggers under DisABLEd Parent, just look for the parent teddy bear in a wheelchair with baby teddy, art work done by my fantastic arty person husband.

Or I am available on @AbleParents on twitter.

look forward to talking to some of you x

Cheaptrick Sat 03-Sep-11 16:02:29


My DH has a form of MD and we had no help/information when i was pg. I am not disabled so i do most of the childcare anyway. There is help out there but with everything in life you have to go find it for yourself.

The disabled parents network is a good place to start as well as your local adult social services.

Good luck with your family and it does get easier the older the child gets as the child can do more for themselves.

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