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CBT & ChildBirth (panic attacks)

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glitternanny Sat 03-Sep-11 10:17:58

im working my way through 'Effective Birth Preparation' and have come to the bit where I write down my fears and negative thoughts and throw them away.

I just wondered if anyone has used cbt to diminish irrational thoughts prior to labour to help calm them down and get some realism in the situation.

(My reason for this book (along side natal hypnotherapy) is a history of panic attacks - this is my 1st baby I'm 29weeks)

KatyN Sat 03-Sep-11 11:42:44

I've not done any formal cbt work on childbirth yet (although I've used it in the past for other anxieties) but Ive been thinking it through 'informally'.
I'm thinking tht it's not for ever.. maybe a day or discomfort.. and it'll be worth it and also whatever happens in there stays in there (I'm going for fight club rules).. I'm not going to shock the midwives with my reaction (that was something that used to really make me panic.. people thinking I was wierd!)

good luck,

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