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Anomoly Scan coming too late

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frikadela Fri 02-Sep-11 23:59:55

Just after some advice really. My sister is pregnant and has just been given the date of her anomoly scan. they are obviously very busy as the scan isnt until the end of december by which time she will be 29 weeks.

I told her she needs to push for it earlier since the point of the scan at that point is that any problems can be seen and there is time to make decisions about abortions etc if something was wrong and by 29 weeks abortion isn't allowed and even if it were would be a very difficult decision given that she will almost certainly have felt movement and such by then.

Obviously I'm thinking worse case scenario but am i right that she needs to push for an earlier date?

thisisyesterday Sat 03-Sep-11 00:01:27

well she should at least ring them and ask if the date is right and point out that she will be 29 weeks... it might have been a clerical error

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