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Cot beds

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steph01 Fri 02-Sep-11 21:10:51

what have people bought?
i got mine from mothercare, with an allergy mattress!

sleepevader Fri 02-Sep-11 21:30:51

I got mine from mothercare priced matched to preciouslittleones.

Morston. Saved £60 and got a £10 voucher back.

Used boots points to get a rochingham sprung mattress. Very good quality.

banana87 Fri 02-Sep-11 21:38:21

John Lewis has this on sale:

I am drooling over it but don't have the extra cash to spare and by the time I do I'm sure it will be gone sad

Our first cotbed was from Littlewoods and is a piece of crap, so steer clear from there whatever you do!

LikeACandleButNotQuite Sat 03-Sep-11 00:02:53

Ive been loaned a lovely 14 year old cotbed (mamas and papas) that has done the rounds but in pefect nick.

Bought a new spring mattress from Mothercare for it.

ZhenXiang Sat 03-Sep-11 00:14:21

Got a second hand one from great second hand V&M one baby goods shop in Bridport. Then bought a new saplings coolflow mattress to go with it.

notanumptyalways Sat 03-Sep-11 00:25:39

I bought a John Lewis cot bed and a sprung and breathable mattress off ebay for £50 which is the same quality as one of the almost £150 ones from John Lewis.

nannyl Sat 03-Sep-11 08:05:28

we got a lovely solid wood one from babies R Us

and then a sprung mattress from ebay. Much much muh cheaper than any of the high street shops, and seems very good quality, for the price of the thinnest cheapest foam on high street.

Sandra2011 Sat 03-Sep-11 15:02:57

I bought one from 2 years ago.

Free Coolio pocket sprung matress (worth £150) was included in the price.

My son has happily slept there since he was 4 months old. And I'm sure it will last for many more years.

Excellent quality.

melliebobs Sat 03-Sep-11 20:27:09

we got this at a babyfair today it's gorgeous and cant wait for it to come!

ThroughTheRoundWindow Sat 03-Sep-11 21:14:12

We have a cotbed but since seeing it taking up so much space in our small nursery am not sure that normal small cot wouldn't be a better idea. We are planning to have another child before DD is 3 and so the new baby will be using the cot and DD will need to go into a bigger bed. May as well buy bunks at that stage so when will cotbed be used as a toddler bed?

However, if you are only having one child or planning a larger gap then cotbed may make more sense.

But to answer initial question we bought our lovely Mamas and Papas cotbed off ebay for £60-something and it is very sturdy and will go through many more babies yet. Bought a new mattress though.

mrspear Sat 03-Sep-11 21:19:00

Not pregnant but did buy this last summer for ds from john lewis and it is huge - had to go in own room!- but it is really well made.

As aside we had this crib from john lewis too and if they get back i would recommend it too

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