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Sexy time in pregnancy <hmm>

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stripeybump Fri 02-Sep-11 13:41:05

Right I would say TMI warning, but we all know there's no such thing as TMI on MN!

Ok, so my sex drive is at least what it normally is so am well up for a bit of action. Am 24 weeks.

But I'm so paranoid about causing trauma to everything going on down there that I'm just not able to relax enough to have an orgasm. Missionary is out really, I'm not comfy lying on my back and worry too much too, although I would like to experiment a bit. So we spooned last time (a month or so ago blush ) with lots of body lotion and massage, which was lovely but I missed the closeness of looking into DH's eyes.

Another issue is that DH just hasn't really, well at all, initiated sex sad and I'd like to just lie and stroke each other if nothing else for the intimacy.

Just wanted tips and people's experiences really, feel free to namechange first if you're not quite as shameless as me!

Cheaptrick Fri 02-Sep-11 13:57:29

I'm 26 weeks pg and we spoon alot now. I also like to have DH sit on chair or sofa and sit stright up on him - if that makes sence. I still like to give DH a bj and to mutual mastabation. It also works with him on the bed and me on top but on my knees so my bump is not on him.

If at any time you hurt stop, if there is spotting tell your midwife and most of all its ok to orgasm when pg grin

The only change is that my DH is not as rough and takes his time and is more gental than normal. He also asks for sexy time instead of thinking i will be up for it all the time like normal. He also checks to make sure i'm ok with what we are doing.

When i get too big and i dont want sex anymore i give him my permission to watch porn and every few weeks i just give him a bj when i feel like it. We still hug and kiss and say i love you every day even when we dont have sex.

With a newborn normal its just a quick kiss and i love you before we sleep or he leaves for work.

Cheaptrick Fri 02-Sep-11 14:00:34

I forgot to say that both DH and i know that when the new baby is here we will be too tired and busy to have sex for about a year so we are making up for it now when we can blush

stripeybump Fri 02-Sep-11 18:47:00

Bump - pleassssee help me and my hormone-fuelled libido!

stripeybump Fri 02-Sep-11 18:50:10

Thanks Cheaptrick btw - I have a leg of lamb to roast with rosemary and garlic, and Gruyere potato gratin, and red wine for DH to erm get him warmed up seduce him Then I intend to leap on to his lap - I like the sound of that one smile

bigeyes Fri 02-Sep-11 18:51:04

yew no not here blush spooning sounds nice for in the future <checks to see which sympton is most bothersome today>

I cant think of anything else other than whats been said! Happy sexy time!

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