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Take infant car seat on hols or not?

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BikeRunSki Fri 02-Sep-11 10:23:28

I am 32 weeks pg with DC2. DS will be 3 next week.

We are going on holiday (N Wales) about 3 hr drive from home (W Yorks) tomorrow. DH says we should take the infant car seat with us in case the baby comes early (me, my sister, mother and granny have a history of babies coming 2-7 weeks early; DS was 2 weeks early; I was 7 weeks early; the last 3 generations have not made it to 40 weeks).

I say that if the baby comes next week, then me and it are not going home in a hurry, and there will be plenty of coming and going between home and the hospital - if it comes to it DH and DS won't be able to stay in the holiday cottage indefinately!

We also have a family history of quick labours, so if labour does start, then driving home is not really an option.

I'll take my maternity notes.
I feel quite well.
I have been playing with the mountains of N Wales for many years, and am more familiar with the location of Bangor Hospital than the average non-Bangorian!

GwendolineMaryLacey Fri 02-Sep-11 10:26:18

I think you're right. Like you say, at 32 weeks you're unlikely to squeeze the baby out, pick it up and go home! There'll be plenty of time to pick up your seat or source one elsewhere.

Have a lovely holiday smile

candr Fri 02-Sep-11 11:26:10

We had baby bag, mat bag and car seat in boot from then so I didn't have to stress about it - it also made more room in the house. Have a lovely holiday

BikeRunSki Fri 02-Sep-11 11:28:34

But it'll be a real squeeze in the car with all the other holiday stuff too.

nannyl Fri 02-Sep-11 11:38:56

if its such a squeeze then id leave it at home

if baby comes, then yes, he or she wont be leaving hospital for a while so plenty of oppertunity for someone else to bring the car seat.

definitely take maternity notes though smile

have a lovely holiday

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