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Should I have a amnio or CVS?

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2boysnamedR Thu 01-Sep-11 21:37:02

Sorry, sure this has been asked in million times. I am 13 weeks today and had my downs scan this morning. As I am 37 my scan was 1:200 risk and combined with bloods it was 1:350. The scanner scanned the fold about 20 seperate times which really scared me. Its my third child and past risks have been > 1:1000 and measurement only taken a few times for each scan.

He asked if wanted a CVS. I thought 1:350 sounded ok? Isn't it? Not sure what to do or I should just try to book a appointment with someone to talk about it? Will the NHS do that? I don't really know when you should be offered a CVS? Above a certain risk or a certain age???


hotmama Thu 01-Sep-11 21:54:32


CVS's are done earlier than amnios. CVS's are done from 11 weeks. I think amnios are done from 16 weeks.

I requested CVS's because of my age - I was 37, 38 and 41 when I had my DC. I had CVS's at just over 11 weeks.

At the hospital I had my DC, telephone numbers were advertised - I can't remember - but your hospital should be able to advise you.

What do you think you would do if the result showed Downs? If the answer is keep on with the pregnancy then why have the test and risk the increased chance of miscarriage. If your response that you would terminate then you really need some advice as to what the results mean.

I don't mean to come over all matter of fact - I have been there - but thought it may help if I posted. smile

Congrats on being 13 weeks by the way. smile

PamSco Thu 01-Sep-11 21:58:21

Ask what the hospital's risk of mc is with each test. Each place should know their own risk. I was offered CVS with a 1:50 risk of mc, and 1:125 for amnio.

My risk of Downs was 1:100 so the amnio made sense - it was lower risk.

hotmama is spot on ask your self the que - what would you do?

2boysnamedR Thu 01-Sep-11 22:23:26

Thanks. I would want to know if my baby had downs. I think the risk of misscarrage is certainly a factor in the tests. 1:100 means I would three times more likely to lose a healthy baby than give birth to baby with a genetic problem.

Does it hurt? Everyone says it's just uncomfortable but surely it must hurt? Thats lot of flesh and layers of musle to push a needle through? I am sore after a 20 mins scan today.

I think I want the test but not the pain and chance of MC that comes with it.

PamSco Thu 01-Sep-11 22:29:36

I didn't think it (amnio) hurt more than a normal blood test.

I am very well padded and needed an 11 inch needle - I didn't look. I just lay there did yoga breathing eyes closed. I felt the needle go in, as you do a blood test. The odd bit was the "pulling" sensation as they withdrew the needle. It felt a bit crampy. But I didn't get any period style cramps which are common. The entry point felt like an insect bite for a couple of days.

The idea of the test is scarier than the actuality. You need to definitely be sure you want to take the risk - I was sure, and I am happy I did the test. It was more traumatic being turned away 2 times because I have an anterior placenta and they couldn't get the needle in. I'd built myself up for the test only to have it cancelled. 3rd time lucky though as the placenta had moved north as my womb expanded.

Kezzamo Fri 02-Sep-11 11:47:28


I am 31 and had a very shocking 1:49 result at our nuchal scan. We had only had it done as our friends had said it was "a lovely experience" at the private clinic and were devastated and extremely shocked by the results. I just had to know asap and had a CVS the next day.

The CVS was absoultley fine. The nurse who took my bloods hurt me more. I have lots of "layers" to go through! It was over very quickly and apart from a couple of days of mild tenderness all was well (this coincided with me spending days on the sofa crying whislt awaiting the result!)

We took the decision as we were twice as likely to have a baby with downs than to lose the baby due to the procedure.

The clinc I went to classed low risk as more than 1:100 and had just changed that from 1:250. So according to them even at their higher threshold you would still be low risk.

The above link takes you to their stuff about the scan results.

Our results were fine by the way and we knew at 15 weeks that we were 100% having a boy. 7 days over due and still waiting.

Good luck xx

Chynah Fri 02-Sep-11 19:18:22

I had a 1:12 risk with DD and had CVS at 11/12 weeks - thankfully all was fine. CVS was uncomfy but not painful althought the wait for the results is a killer. If you are 13 weeks you may be too late for CVS?? but could still have amnio.

hotmama Fri 02-Sep-11 22:07:40

Hi again,

Had a busy day but wanted to post again.

I never had percentages as I requested the CVS's. IMHE they were more uncomfortable than painful, I did have a local anaethestic - more of a bit of tugging IYSWIM. I felt teary afterwards because you do worry about the miscarriage risk, but I made sure I put my feet up and rested afterwards.

I found out the initial results the next day. My 'reward' for everything being o.k. (and there is no intention to disrespect anyone who has a downs child by me saying the results were "o.k") is that I found out for definite what sex the baby was going to be - I appreciate not everyone does this.

Just to give you a balanced view, I do have a friend who did get a results for downs so it obviously does happen - so you do have to think of this.

HTH smile

Chynah Fri 02-Sep-11 22:35:28

Hotmama, I had a friend who had a result for Downs too and she had a 1:75 risk as opposed to my 1:12 DD who got the all clear. I also had an innernet aquaintance who gave birth to a DS child when there was no previous indication. Just shows that the 'risk %' is just that and you could still be the '1'

Chynah Fri 02-Sep-11 22:41:22

sorry didn't mean that to sound as negative as it did - what I was trying to say is the risk % is not definite and the only way to know for sure is actual testing (CVS/amnio).

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