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has anyone gone for private room option post an NHS birth?

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lalababy Thu 01-Sep-11 14:29:01

Hi - I am due to have my first baby at Queen Charlotte & Chelsea hospital in December. However, the closer that I get to the date the more worried I get regarding all the horror stories.

I was wondering if anyone did the private room option rather than a ward, and how do you go about getting one, and is it better?

mistressploppy Thu 01-Sep-11 14:32:40

I had a private room, it was MUCH better than being on the ward IMO (although I have nothing to compare it to), especially as DS and I had to stay in for 6 days after the birth.

I can't remember how/when we arranged it...I think it was just when we arrived....Call and ask them, and find out how much it is.

booyhoo Thu 01-Sep-11 14:33:32

i didn't request one but i did get one both times. it was available so i got it and i have to say i really appreciated it. i liked having the privacy. i liked nothaving to listen to other people's visitors and other mothers talking about ho they were feeding/parenting etc. i know that sounds really horrible of me but justafter having a baby i wasn't the most tolerant of people that didn't need to be around me,and i know i would have been irritated by hearing all the stuff i mentioned. that is just my personal experience though. others will hae preferred being on the ward for the company.

notnearlyasblondasiwas Thu 01-Sep-11 14:36:51

I had a private room at queen charlottes after a dramatic emcs. I just asked in the high dependency unit after I had the section and they took my credit card details and I went off to the room. Was so worth it, was completely full on the post labour ward and whenever the midwife opened the door to come in, it sounded like world war 3 out there. Cost £400 for 2 nights, worth every penny!

onlylivinggirl Thu 01-Sep-11 14:37:19

I did - we were told to mention it when we rang in - it couldn't be booked ahead and there were circumstances when you couldn't have one (c section etc)
I am glad I did - i also had to stay in quite a while (6 days) - I am not particularly sociable and it was good to have my own space and it was quieter - they did keep forgetting to feed me though and it wasn't particularly luxurious . I also think they were a bit more forgiving on visitors (how many/how long) - I'd do it again

Portofino Thu 01-Sep-11 14:37:23

I requested (and got one) when I went to be induced. I had already spent 2 weeks on the ante-natal ward and wanted the privacy. As I ended up with a CS it was a godsend really.

People can get very carried away with visitors. A girl in the bed next to me on the antenatal ward had her entire family sat round her bed watching Eastenders every night. It really pissed me off.

morelovetogive Thu 01-Sep-11 14:38:46

I was in for 4 days after the birth of my daughter and requested a private room for the final night because i wasn't getting any sleep on the ward and was exhausted. I hated it though. I felt isolated and alone and quite scared. I had had a traumatic birth which could have contributed to that though. I won't be having any more children but if i was i would stay on the ward.

lalababy Thu 01-Sep-11 14:43:52

Okay I am totally sold. Frankly sounds like the best money I could spend! I really can't imagine wanting to socialise after having a baby... the whole thing sounds so exhausting. I just wish there was a way I could book this in advance!

Movelove... I guess I can see your point if you had a traumatic birth that it would be nice to not be alone.

nunnie Thu 01-Sep-11 14:49:26

I didn't have one after my births, don't think I would have got one with DS as he was EMCS anyway.
But I was admitted to mat ward with a severe UTI which had spread to my kidney, and I was pretty unwell, my 1st night I got no sleep due to a newborn baby being there and me throwing up then shivvering and later sweating. I was then put on 30 minute obs by the critical care team of which I got one check then the next was 4 hours later when the critical care team returned. I was transferred to a single room across from the midwives front desk the door was shut and though I managed to sleep better, I received no obs at all for 12 hours.

So I am quite thankful they didn't offer this after my EMCS in my local hospital because I am not sure I could of coped with being shut in a room on my own for so long without company.

Sandra2011 Thu 01-Sep-11 15:03:53

I had it and will do the same next time. Nice room with en-suite.

£100 for as long as you needed to stay.

BeerTricksPotter Thu 01-Sep-11 15:04:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lalababy Thu 01-Sep-11 15:15:56

Okay... so the question then is... how do you go about getting a private room? Who do you call and when... or is it you show up at the hospital ask for it and then pray...?

BeerTricksPotter Thu 01-Sep-11 15:18:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sandra2011 Thu 01-Sep-11 15:18:14

I actually didn't even know there would be an option. I was offered that after my son was born.

I had one for my first DC but not my second. I stayed in for 3 nights with DC1 and was grateful for the privacy, quiet etc, but felt a bit cut-off sometimes, there was no chance of just catching a staff member's eye as they passed and having a quick word, DC1 was very poor at feeding and I needed a lot of help, I was quite upset, but felt bad ringing the bell for help all the time. Also never got to talk to any of the other new mums. I did get asked to move out for the third night as someone with greater need than me needed the room and we were fine on the ward for one night. They also waived the charge because they had to ask me to move out.

With DC2, it was an easier birth and I stayed in for one night, but knew I would be going home in the morning, she was feeding better etc so was quite happy to stay on the ward and I enjoyed chatting with the woman in the bed opposite me.

On neither occasion in the ward was there much problem with other people's visitors, too much noise etc, so I guess I was fairly lucky.

lalababy Thu 01-Sep-11 15:45:24

I think the scary part is just not knowing what it is going to be like and how I am going to feel afterwards and how long I will be in the hospital.

fabanflabby Thu 01-Sep-11 15:54:42

I had a private room with 1st and then on the ward for 2nd.

I remember feeling so lonely and cut off in the private room at the time and craved company as I was there for a week.

That said - with the 2nd I HATED being on the ward and couldnt wait to get out of the hospital. The noise and visitors and inconsiderates wondering around at all hours! I hardly slept at all.

Definitely go for the private room. If you do need the peace at least you have a sanctuary!

Good luck.

BeerTricksPotter Thu 01-Sep-11 15:54:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

usingapseudonym Thu 01-Sep-11 16:07:40

Some hospitals (inc the one I was in) don't like to give you a separate room if you've had a c section/ difficult birth as they like to be able to keep an eye on you. You can be easily missed in a separate room.

That said - I would so much rather one. My husband had to leave at 9pm and everytime I walked past the (huge) private rooms to the loo I was so jealous of the peeps in there whose husbands could stay!

Meglet Thu 01-Sep-11 17:22:11

I had one after my planned cs and it was bliss. I didn't have to fuss when I was trying to bf and could just get my boobs out, watch tv without headphones, read the papers, sleep in peace etc. I buzzed them all the time too, I was beyond caring if they thought I was a stroppy cow!

Our hospital doesn't let you book them private rooms, you just have to ask them after the baby is born. Bascially I pestered every midwife who I saw until one was free.

The worst days of my life were the ones on the PN ward after my EMCS and I decided to try and make sure I never had to go through that again.

Portofino Thu 01-Sep-11 18:54:24

You have to ask when you turn up. They are allocated according to need, so you might be lucky, or not. It sounds like lots of hospitals DON'T allow it after CS - I guess I can see the reasoning, you are tucked away out of sight, and could pass out or something. Where I give birth a CS gave you a priority to a room as you were by necessity going to be there so much longer.

The downside was that you had a ring for attention - which might be some time coming. The next morning after my emcs, I had to force myself up and go in search of breakfast. Not so much as a cup of tea was on offer unless I got it myself. On the ward, I probably would have been able to ask someone.

KatyN Thu 01-Sep-11 19:58:58

I heard this was an option this week too.. I am considering asking my obstetrician if she can recommend me one. I have been referred to her with severe anxiety/depression and I think this might be a way to make me calmer about staying in hospital.
Having said that if it's 'only' a couple of hundred quid I might just offer to pay!

GwendolineMaryLacey Thu 01-Sep-11 20:08:11

I had one after dd was born. I was terrified of hospitals and asked for one beforehand (was induced) but they refused saying they needed me to be on the ward near the mw station. But I put my request in as soon as I arrived at the hospital. £175 per night but it was well worth it. I'd have freaked on the ward.

SpeedyGonzalez Thu 01-Sep-11 20:20:24

I had one for free. Was pretty poorly post-birth and the noise on the ward was unbearable - those awful TVs that all the patients have are a bloody nightmare. I was in tears and DH came in and demanded a private room; so I got one. The relief! Ohh the relief!

KateBC Thu 01-Sep-11 21:16:56

I had a free one too, as I work as an hca, and all nursing staff can have a free room if it's available, but can be booted out if someone who is willing to pay comes in! I did like it, and it was better for DH as he didn't feel like he had an audience when changing first nappy etc (never even held a baby before DS was born).

Am 38 weeks with DC2, will get private room if I can, but really hoping that the birth goes smoothly and I can get away with no nights in the hospital. Not too worried about ward though, as the disadvantage of the single room was that I felt very lonely in the night, especially when struggling with a hungry baby with a rubbish latch!

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