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If your baby didn't move much in the womb, was there a reason why?

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cupofteaplease Wed 31-Aug-11 21:18:39

Sorry for the confusing title.

Basically, I mentioned at my routine consultant appointment today, to book my section date, that I have been worrying about my baby's movements. I am 33+5 and she is not very active. I would say that I don't always get 10 movements every day and the movements I get are shiftings and tightenings, rather than kicks and jabs. I had convinced myself that it was normal and due to an anterior placenta, but after she didn't respond to an icy, sweet drink last night, it was playing on my mind so I mentioned it.

The consultant was fab and hooked me straight up to the CTG which gave a good reading for 20 minutes, but during this time I still didn't feel anything. So he gave me a growth scan, which showed baby is about average size (abdomen circumfrence 1 week smaller than dates) and fluid all ok. He and the junior registrar(?) both agreed that the baby wasn't moving at all. He said it could possibly be due to an ineffective placenta which is giving the baby enough to grow, but not much more for energy. I'd never heard of that before confused.

He has booked me in for another CTG on Friday, and said they will do another on Monday, and every 48 hours if they need to if baby is still not moving and playing ball.

This is all new to me, as I'd put it all down to anterior placenta, but seems I was wrong (although placenta is anterior), and baby really isn't moving much.

Please, does anyone else have experience of this?

pruney1977 Wed 31-Aug-11 21:54:01

My mum had 5 kids and her last (my younger brother) barely moved at all in the womb. This was 30 years ago and she never thought to get him checked but she said had she done she'd have been at the hospital every other day. She also says that when he came out he barely moved either, even his baby pictures when he's about one he's all slouched like a slug in a high chair. In fact, he's very sloth like now.
I doubt that is much help but I suppose the point of my story is that some babies are just that way, my brother was at least.
It's good you're getting checked out and I doubt I've allayed your fears but at least they're recognising there could be a potential problem and they're monitoring you. Good luck x

banana87 Wed 31-Aug-11 22:10:14

I'm glad they took you seriously. My friend did not feel movements and they scanned her and gave her the "everything is fine, stop being paranoid" speech. She had her baby by scheduled CS at term, and she weighed 4lbs due to an ineffective placenta. Not a huge deal, but my friend really struggled with looking after a 3 year old and such a small baby (she struggled to BF her due to her suck reflex and had to feed her every hour from a cup-24 hours a day). Good luck!

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