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Weight gain, healthy pregnancy tips

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2wwmadness Wed 31-Aug-11 19:22:56

hello,I am one month pregnant and starving all the time! I'm concerned about the amount of food I'm eating and what types of food. I'm a size 8 and conscious about my body. Has anyone good any tips for me? Or meal plans I can follow. I just want to do this in a way that's healthy for baby and me.

RockChick1984 Wed 31-Aug-11 20:42:12

Eat whatever your body is craving, apparently you will crave the nutrients your body requires eg all I wanted was steak, I've always had low iron levels however during my pregnancy this ceased to be a concern, they were fine! Don't actively restrict your calorie intake or try to diet, as long as you are eating a healthy balanced diet you will be fine. Do some light exercise eg yoga to keep your strength up and your muscle tone, and just remember that whatever weight you gain can be lost once your LO is here. Congratulations on your pregnancy!!

beginnersluck Wed 31-Aug-11 20:49:44

I think it is quite common to be completely ravenous in the first trimester (if you don't have morning sickness that is!) - I know I was and others I know were too. It did go away towards the end of the first trimester and now my appetite is better regulated than it was before I was pregnant.
I found it impossible to restrain myself but didn't put on too much weight.
Hope that reassures you!

justhayley Wed 31-Aug-11 20:55:22

Hiya Hun I'm the same, but think you just have to accept your are going to put on weight and it's not the time to diet! Eat little and often and if ur eating healthy foods u won't put on an excessive amount of weight!
You shouldn't be hungry it's not good for your baby.
I'm 6 weeks and have started carrying around fruit - keeps energy levels up, and will stop u snacking on rubbish sugary or fatty foods.

Also if u exercise pre pregnancy it's fine to continue and maybe start pregnancy yoga.
For the next 8/9 months your body isn't yours so eat forget calories and just remember every pound u put on is for your baby so it's worth it!


2wwmadness Thu 01-Sep-11 06:19:22

Thanks everyone. I'm just so upraised at how hungry I am! I dint mind putting. Bit of weight on, that's inevitable. Buy at 5 weeks I can't get my jeans on and was wondering if maybe I'm stuffing my face a bit too much! Im eating healthy stuff, but I seem to be craving carb-y foods!

justhayley Thu 01-Sep-11 08:52:38

I'm now 7 1/2 weeks and during week 5-6 I wanted nothin but takeaways! I'm usually healthy but I ate burger king, fish & chips, a Chinese, a curry and a veggi kabab all in the same week! I was worried that would continue and I'd end up being air lifted to hospital to give birth I was so fat, but the craving for total and utter junk food has thankfully now gone! It might just be a phase eat what ur body is telling u it needs, not sure why my body needed saturated fats sugar and salts that week but I felt better once I gave in and ate the crap! I'm now eating normal healthy foods again smile

kat2504 Thu 01-Sep-11 09:05:49

At five weeks you probably haven't put on very much weight at all, even if you are hungry all the time. Bloating and wind is a common problem in early pregnancy so that might be why you can't do you jeans up. I think the carb craving is normal - listen to what your body wants. Obviously not all carbs are equal and a jacket potato is a better option than a doughnut.

goodnightmoon Thu 01-Sep-11 09:49:35

Hi 2ww, I was the same and gained about 5-6 kilos in the first 18 weeks or so. I was eating all the time. That was too much weight too fast so around 20 weeks I started to watch my carb intake - still having fruit, yogurt and the like but cutting out things like bread, pasta, rice and cake/biscuits! My appetite reduced and I feel much healthier. I am now 25 weeks and haven't gained any weight in the past month. I am confident that isn't a problem though - i'm still on track for an average weight gain and my bump seems just the right size. I had a similar pattern in my first pregnancy - gained so much in the first trimester, very little in the second, and came in at an average amount by the end.
best wishes.

2wwmadness Thu 01-Sep-11 10:54:57

Thank you so much! That was my fear, that I would continue this rate of eating! I will try and eat good carbs. I've put rice in with my Salad today. I just want to get the nutrition right for my baby without using pregnancy as an "excuse" to eat tonnes! I feel better this morning. (although that could of been the curry I had last night making me still full!!!!)

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