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scan photos

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shelll999 Wed 31-Aug-11 14:07:21

does anyone know how to read a scan to find out girl or boy xx

nunnie Wed 31-Aug-11 14:08:45

If it is a standard NHS 20 week scan, there is nothing gender related on the pic or the report as far as I know.

addictedtofrazzles Wed 31-Aug-11 15:08:15

I read on here a few weeks ago about the nub theory from the 12 week scan. Something about the angle of the nub in relation to the backbone. Looks like mine is a third boy - will start saving for another washing machine!

melliebobs Wed 31-Aug-11 16:19:42

at your 20 week scan with the NHS if they get a good enough view they may tell you. However some trusts have a policy where they don't. I know my SIL wasn't told with her first as it was against policy. Other than that you could pay for a private gender scan but it all depends whether baby is playing on the day. As for nub theory, again it depends on the quality of image you get. WIth our photo there is no nub to be seen. Apart from a leg!

candr Wed 31-Aug-11 19:04:32

You can look for the 3 line hamburger or two black dots (ovaries) to see if it is a girl but is never 100%, we were told boy at 12 weeks but he was rather proudly showing his bits off - should find out for sure in 3 weeks but I find it hard looking at the scan even though I have been shown what to look for. Other people on here can explain better I am sure.

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