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The Joy of Food ...

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TheBreadstick Tue 30-Aug-11 12:50:59

Hello Ladies

Well, I'm 8 weeks pg and have completely lost my appetite. Just attempted to eat a chicken salad for lunch and gave up halfway through as it was making me gag.

Don't get me wrong, I feel hungry - but when it comes to eating I just can't think of ANYTHING remotely interesting or appetising. I normally eat all sorts of food and love meal times so, any advice on foods you found bearable during these first few wierd weeks?

All suggestions welcome!

Bread x

nunnie Tue 30-Aug-11 12:53:57

With my 1st and this one I find/found I could only really stomach fruit and salad. With my 2nd it was savoury.
I do find myself that I can't eat large meals I eat little and often as if I wait for a meal I get over hungry and I can't stomach anything if that makes sense.

TopazMortmain Tue 30-Aug-11 13:23:57

Brown bread and butter
Tomato ketchup
Double cream

Mostly beige food to be honest... grin

lolajane2009 Tue 30-Aug-11 13:41:14

I ate peanut butter sandwiches for ages in first trimester. Now at 37 weeks if it isnt secured down i eat it.

HidingInTheUndergrowth Tue 30-Aug-11 13:41:43

I went through a phase of eating lots of grazing foods. So I would make myself up a bowl with some dried fruit, nuts, oatcakes, cheese, nice bread or whatever I had about. I found this less intimidating then being faced with a full plate of food.

I would also second trying small portions but often. I tended to split my dinner into two sittings rather then trying to eat it all in one go.

At 11+4 I've just started being able to eat whole meals again.

PamBeesly Tue 30-Aug-11 13:45:30

I was like this up until 2 weeks ago bread, suddenly I could eat again, the only foods I could really eat were fruit, dry toast, popcorn, that was it basically. I went off my beloved curries and chillis (I'm still not quite there yet but typing them doesn't make me gag) The smell of food sent me running for the nearest toilet. Hopefully this will pass for you. I'm 14 weeks now and have started eating meat and veg/potatoes again. Congrats on the baby sad

PamBeesly Tue 30-Aug-11 13:46:55

Congrats on the baby smile not sad grin

TheBreadstick Tue 30-Aug-11 14:08:28

Thanks Ladies

Will try the grazing method and just eat little and often, hmm fruit and nuts/seeds sounds good and healthy ... here's to the second trimester hurrying on up! I too am missing my curries!


Bread x

nunnie Tue 30-Aug-11 14:15:52

Ohh I should have said that I am 36+4 and still eating little and often.
Hopefully you will be in the majority and it will get better with the next trimester.

Cjax Tue 30-Aug-11 14:17:47

Microwave popcorn was good for me and peanut butter on toast.

BedHog Tue 30-Aug-11 14:25:02

At that stage I just wanted roast meat. Now at 32 weeks I'm scoffing about 3 ice lollies a day, and I didn't like them before.

When I was going through the off food/gaggy phase, I found eating in front of the tv was best - that way I wasn't thinking about the food, I was concentrating on the programme I was watching, then I would look down and see I'd managed to eat a whole plateful without really noticing.

gapants Tue 30-Aug-11 14:29:39

bacon sandwiches
cup noodles
french toast
crackers and cheese
crisp sanwiches
water melon
really cold oranges
roasted pumpkin seeds.


GeneralDisarray Tue 30-Aug-11 15:27:54

toast with philadelphia

HotPinkGingham Tue 30-Aug-11 15:59:01

I have found the six small meals a day plus snacks (I think recommended in the What to Expect book) has worked really well in controlling my nausea and stopping me getting hungry (which always leads up to being/feeling really sick). My pattern today for example will be something like:

4am - glass of milk (not strictly a meal but I woke up hungry and feeling sick and it really helps in filling the stomach)

7.30am - another glass of milk and a large handful of almonds (needing protein!)

9.00am - half a papaya, wholemeal toast with Nutella, rooibos tea with milk

12pm - small bowl of cream of tomato soup with half a tin of butter beans

2pm - two hard boiled eggs with tomatoes and wholemeal melba toast, lemonade

4pm - some frozen mango, lots of water

6.30pm - small plate of chicken breast with three veg

9.00pm - big bowl of popcorn and probably some dried fruit, some herb tea

I go to bed at 10pm so I feel like I am eating constantly but I feel so much better since I started eating little and (very) often.

I find toasted cheese sandwiches go down really well when I absolutely can't face anything, and dried fruit (esp mango) is great on keeping off the nausea on the go.

HTH and good luck!

justabigdisco Tue 30-Aug-11 17:27:54

babybels and heinz tomato soup

lisakell Wed 31-Aug-11 11:25:30

I'm 10 weeks and seem to be going to extremes. I usually eat a varied diet as I love to cook but at the moment I want either fruit or junk food - nothing in between! My OH is very happy as its very rare he gets fed things like hot dogs so he's hoping this faze lasts for another 30 weeks!

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