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Warm maternity coats?

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Poweredbypepsi Mon 29-Aug-11 23:06:42

I am thinking ahead to winter when i will have a massive bump but still need to do the school run (which is a fair walk in all weathers). With my last winter baby i bought a coat which was just bigger sized but tbh i looked a state it was tight round my tummy but drowned my shoulders and chest. I would like to look less odd this time. I have had a look around but most seem to be quite thin? I need it to do up and actually keep me warm and dry. Oh and did i mention the cheaper the better?

any ideas? I dont want to have to break out the green monstrosity from last time grin

AlpinePony Tue 30-Aug-11 07:09:15

The maternity sites don't seem to be stocking their winter wear yet, I'm sure it'll be in soon enough.

KellyKettle Tue 30-Aug-11 07:17:30

I got a lovely Isabella Oliver coat off EBay last year which I'll wear for a little while this autumn (32 weeks now).

You could try there?

goodnightmoon Tue 30-Aug-11 07:58:57

try a swing coat style. I bought a short one last year at H&M for 15 quid that made me look pregnant but it sure will come in handy this year now that I really am! Friends have also gotten a lot of wear out of heavy wool poncho style coats. I'm not going to buy anything maternity specific myself. (due Dec.18)

sazzermol Tue 30-Aug-11 10:49:42

Saw this on an email this am (non maternity) and have ear marked it as my possible winter coat this year - also due 18 th Dec

Sandra2011 Tue 30-Aug-11 12:11:52

I recently bought a swing coat from Ebay.

It's not officially a maternity coat but has a very wide cut and you can leave front open partially if you like / get too big.

banana87 Tue 30-Aug-11 13:29:50

JoJo have a really really nice maternity coat for £65 that I am drooling over. I am due end of November, so still undecided about it but here it is:

They have other nice coats too.

Petesmum Tue 30-Aug-11 13:39:43

My DH just brought me a lovely wool grey cape style coat from John Lewis. It's roomy enough for a huge bump but still fashionable (capes are "in" this season apparently) and I'll be able to wear it after bump arrives - £79.

AlpinePony Tue 30-Aug-11 13:59:37

Isabella Oliver have got their winter coats out. 41% off today using the code 'SPREE' which makes them a good deal! smile

babydust27 Tue 30-Aug-11 14:09:37

next have 1 on their website but weirdly its not in the maternity section but it is a maternity one £55

Biscuitsandtea Tue 30-Aug-11 18:30:40

Oooh, I like the Jojo one - just need to get past that 12 week scan before I can justify buying anything.....

NorthernChinchilla Tue 30-Aug-11 21:37:31

Oooh, thanks for posting this! Have earmarked that cape one at DP's with excitement, as I have been gearing up to be totally pissed off and outraged at having to spend a lot of money on a coat (in same boat- DD is 18th/19th Dec and I walk/catch train to work every day, so am outside for a bare minimum of an hour each day). But getting a 'proper' coat like that would be great- thank God capes are in!

Will check out the grey cape at JL's too; always fancied a grey coat (that sounds really sad doesn't it....)

PlinkertyPlonk Wed 31-Aug-11 09:19:13

Oooh, great thread! I'm liking the JL cape! But how do you keep it 'closed' over a bump?

Thanks for pointing out the IO offers. Funny, I was drooling over their website yesterday and didn't notice the discounts. But I have the same dilemma as you, Biscuitsandtea. Must wait until 12 week scan; must wait until 12 week scan; must wait until 12 week scan. Oh, it's so difficult!

PlinkertyPlonk Thu 01-Sep-11 10:39:27

Quick update on the JL cape - I love it and have just bought one! Thank you PetesMum!

In case anyone's considering it too, here's some more info...

- It's basically a poncho cut down the middle at the front, with a scarf attached at the back of the neck. Very clever.
- It's very flattering, should stay done up over a bump as the material is quite rough and the cut is very full
- It's 'army blanket' (scratchy wool) feel rather than soft to the touch, but that's to be expected for the price.
- It won't be sufficient to keep you warm on a long walk in a cold wind - too drafty down the sides and not thick enough to keep out the wind
- However it's a classic and v chic - it'll last for years
- Probably not one for those under 5'6" as it will drown you

Happy shopping!

sunchild77 Thu 01-Sep-11 20:16:00

Could you link to it Plikerty please! Having trouble finding it!

MissRee Thu 01-Sep-11 21:57:10

Just been in M&S and they have some gorgeously thick knitted poncho type items that would be ideal for a huge bump - I plan on getting one and at £25, not too pricey smile

naomi79 Thu 01-Sep-11 23:36:27

There is another great coat on jojomamanbebe that I've just bought; it's a knee length fleece coat that has a panel at the front that can be zipped completely out so the cost fits up until you show quite a bit, zip in panel while bump us big then zip out again to be able to use after baby is born smile if you request their autumn winter catalogue there is a 10% voucher on the back page that you can use!! Happy shopping wink

heatherwil Fri 02-Sep-11 08:39:14

For those on a budget, Primarni have got lots of swing/cape-type coats in at the moment wink

MaMattoo Fri 02-Sep-11 08:50:04

Oh I went through the agony of looking for a waterproof (northface) type thing for my giant 7month bump! Found nothing and cried buckets! Eventually saw an A line double breasted coat at debenhams 'petite' and got that. It's not maternity so I could wear it later (justified the 120£ price) and I did wear it last year and will this year too.
Loads of suggestions here, love MN and wish I had joined when I was pregnant! Ah!
Good luck grin

PlinkertyPlonk Fri 02-Sep-11 12:32:59

SunChild, here's the JL Cape. It comes in camel or grey and there's a red one elsewhere on their site.

stripeybump Fri 02-Sep-11 13:33:59

I just bought a gorgeous navy blue military style cape coat thing from Tesco, which should fit over my bump and is so so nice! £45 so quite expensive for Tesco but it really is lovely and although not wool, it is lovely and thick and soft like wool, seems cosy enough. Def recommend it for cape fans smile

DButler Mon 12-Sep-11 11:38:56

If you want something warm try to have a look at some good coats. If you just want waterproof then a cagool / pac-a-mac can be good in a larger size.

Biscuitsandtea Mon 12-Sep-11 12:00:39

What a great link - thanks DButler - a great site to bring everything together!

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