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Red Raspberry leaf tea

(14 Posts)
KellyKettle Mon 29-Aug-11 22:03:10

I think I took this from 36 weeks with DD, didn't mind the taste but have no idea if it did anything.

Are you drinking/did you drink RRLT in pregnancy and if so -

• from when?
• why?
• did it make a difference do you think?

tiredchocoholic Tue 30-Aug-11 05:29:17

Hi, I drank this from 36 weeks with DC1 and 2 - having been told it would help prepare my uterus fo labour and intensify contractions, I was under the impression it would somehow make things easier.... I have now learned that my contractions are naturally pretty intense and that the RLT is a bad idea for me. I only ever drank the recommended quantities so certainly didn't 'overdose'. Both times, contractions became relentless and I found the non-stop pain, and speed at which I progressed (4-10 cm in under 1hour) difficult to handle. I heard a midwife telling a student midwife "this mum has obviously been drinking RLT" and that stage I hadn't even though to mention it....this time around, I have been advised to steer clear - but please don't think I am slating the idea for others, plenty of my friends have used it; some swear by it, others aren't sure if it made any difference or not. X

Thumbwitch Tue 30-Aug-11 05:40:44

I took it from just after 40w, and the tablets as well, to try and bring on labour. Didn't work. Still needed inducing - went into hospital on the Sunday eve, had first pessary. Next day had two more - slow slow progression. By the evening, I persuaded them to take me up to Labour Ward because I was crawling round the bed and could no longer stand - but when they checked I was only 1cm dilated. At 11:30pm, the doc came round and said that they would give me 4 hours, and if I hadn't progressed further by then, I'd go on the syntocin drip.

I know I wasn't comfortable - the contractions were like bad period pains at that point and I was being pretty pathetic - but they paled into insignificance when stage 2 contractions started! However, I only had about 10 of those and DS was born. They were still coming at 3min intervals (never got closer together than that) and I'd been left in the Observation Room with just DH (and 2 other couples in the other bays, poor sods) because I was only 1cm dilated - anyway, I felt DS "move down" and sent DH for a MW - then it was Emergency Button, "OMG there's the head", another MW running in, feet everywhere and one more push and he was out! They gave me the jab to release the placenta and the MW reeled it out of me the next minute - took less than 5mins to get rid of that after DS was born (might not have needed the jab but I'd said ok to it).

So - I would say that while it didn't help to bring on my labour, I definitely feel that it helped with stages 2 and 3 of labour and I would take it again definitely.

del1 Tue 30-Aug-11 14:23:35

Hiya, I took it from about 34 weeks with DS1 and DD1.
Both labours were very quick.

DS1 - went to hospital, and they said I was 4cm. I walked from obs room, to the delivery room, and was pushing within 10 minutes, with strong fast contractions. He was born within an hour.

DD1 - went to hospital, and as soon as I entered the obs room, started pushing with intense, strong contractions ( from my whole stomach area)
She was born with a few pushes within about 10 minutes.

I am due on Monday with number 3, and have been taking the tablets/ mixed with tea.

Starting to regret it slightly, as worried I might not make it to hospital in time! Also, I didn't get chance for pain relief with either births, and would like something this time!!!

I've read that it doesn't start labour, that it just helps strengthen your uterus, and it can help healing afterwards?

Not sure if it is coincidence, but I personally think it helped me confused

KellyKettle Tue 30-Aug-11 14:28:22

Thanks for the replies!

I think it might be worth a try then. My labour with DD was 6 days from first contraction to final pull of the forceps so I don't think I need to worry about being too fast (mores the pity!).

cep Tue 30-Aug-11 16:14:36

hi kelly

I drank the tea from 34 weeks last time, 1 a day then built up to 4 a day by 38 weeks. my whole labour from first niggles to him being born was less than 11 hours. (which i think was quite good for a first baby) i plan on drinking it again this time round as well. Although i had to have sugar with it couldn't drink it without.

KellyKettle Tue 30-Aug-11 16:24:58

<<feels terribly guilty about posting away on pregnancy board and not asking on antenatal thread>>

<<waves at CEP>>

I think I drank mine cold, in quite big gulps last time. My labour with DD went on for ages/long latent phase so I am not sure if it helped or not. I have nothing to compare it to.

CBear6 Tue 30-Aug-11 16:43:06

Heath&Heather do a teabag version that also contains apple and raspberry berries, it tastes so much nicer than the manky green stalks version! Most health food shops carry it and it's naturally sweet because of the fruit, it's good hot or cold over ice like an ice tea

Deliaskis Tue 30-Aug-11 16:55:54

Well, only one labour, so limited experience, but I took the capsules from about 36 weeks, had DD at 39+3, pretty easy labour but also quite quick for first time I think. Easy/non-hospital labour for about 5 hours then 4 hours in the pool in hospital then there she was. Don't know if the tablets made a difference but they certainly didn't do any harm (for me, I take tiredchocs point about intense/quick not necessarily being good for everyone).

beatrixkitto Wed 31-Aug-11 12:54:27

When I was 36 weeks pg with dd2 I had two cups of rasberry leaf tea at 6pm (whilst watching the simpsons with dd1) by the start of hollyoaks my waters had broken! (last october) am now 6 weeks pg with no.3!

beatrixkitto Wed 31-Aug-11 12:55:29

btw Hollyoaks starts at 6:30pm grin

CBear6 Wed 31-Aug-11 19:04:21

I got some capsules today because I keep forgetting to drink the tea. Has anyone used them? How many a day did you take? It says take 1-2 a day on the packet, trying to decide how many to knock back smile

KellyKettle Wed 31-Aug-11 20:00:39

How many weeks are you?

I'd start with one and increase it to 2 of you have time to do it gradually.

NorthLondonDoulas Wed 31-Aug-11 23:31:20

Hi ladies...

Rasberry leaf - love it love it love it!!!!!!

Im not too good with tea's so i took the capsules in all my pregnancies and in all i dialated well and my cervix thinned and effaced quickly! I absolutly swear by rasberry leaf and recommend them to all of my clients - those who have taken it in the last few weeks of pregnancy have definitly had smoother labours and more efficient contractions than those who didnt!

I started at 35 weeks taking just one a day, then started taking two a day around 37 weeks and took 3 a day from 39 weeks.

Good luck and congrats to you all!


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