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Reassurance please!!

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Onlymydogunderstandsme Mon 29-Aug-11 21:40:51

I have just (2 hrs ago) had a BFP!! Very shocked (as doctor said it would likely take us a while and first month of trying) but also very happy! I'm just a bit worried as because I didn't think it would happen so soon the last two weeks I have been eating all sorts, pate, soft cheese, shellfish not to mention going to a wedding Saturday and drinking quite a bit! Have I done any damage to my baby? I will be 5 weeks on Thursday, waited a while to test as cycles have been irregular. Wishing I had tested earlier now!

Thanks x

Bumpatron Mon 29-Aug-11 21:52:12

You'll be fine! Read the dos and don'ts info page on this site - lots of people with similar stories! Keep taking the folic acid and congratulations!
I'm due end of April and keep having panics too, but have one beautiful daughter who was safe and sound despite me having a few drinks before I knew I was updiffed. Re the food, it's only a problem if you got food poisoning, which I'll bet you didn't so RELAX! Hooray for being pregnant - well done you! grin

CBear6 Mon 29-Aug-11 21:53:42


It's highly uikely you've damaged your baby, countless women drink/smoke/eat the wrong things before finding out they're pregnant. The real potential for damage to the pregnancy comes from continuing to do excessively harmful things for the duration. Everything is tiny right now and has barely even begun to form so try not to worry about it.

I was on holiday when I got pregnant with DS so I was drinking and smoking, eating all of the wrong foods, kept forgetting to take Folic acid (we weren't using contraception but after taking 3 years to get pregnant with a mc I expected it to take years again), and was drinking liquid codeine the pharmacy gave me for a cough I caught. When we got back I had Duty Frees to get through and it was the end of November/beginning of December so had lots of nights out ... DS is fine, he's a happy little 2yo who is bright and active - no harm done.

Onlymydogunderstandsme Mon 29-Aug-11 22:21:18

Thank you ladies that has put my mind at rest! I have checked out the do's and dont's page...I'm in a bit of a daze I can't quite believe it and not sure what to do next!!!

ballstoit Tue 30-Aug-11 07:13:31


DD2 was a surprise. I had my 30th birthday before I knew I was pg. Was pretty much drunk for 3 weekends solid, smoked like a chimney, spent a lot of time in a hot tub and ate lots of stuff that I shouldnt.

She is fine, was born on time, normal weight and was a lovely, sunny baby...although she is hitting the terrible 2s with a vengeance!

mumatron Tue 30-Aug-11 07:23:49


I'm sure all will be fine, lots of people don't realise they are pg for a long time and carry on with a pre-pg lifestyle.

Get yourself on the folic acid and enjoy the rest of your pg.

2wwmadness Tue 30-Aug-11 08:13:54

Congratulations! I had my bfp (and last cigarette ever!) at 6:30 this morning!!! I'm having really bad period pains though so don't know what to think?!? In 4 weeks. It's all a bit scary isn't it!

Onlymydogunderstandsme Tue 30-Aug-11 09:47:57

Mumatron - thanks you, I have been taking folic acid for about 6 weeks so at least I have done that!!

2wwmadenss - Congratulations!!! Yes it is very scary - I feel sick but I can't decide if that's because i'm nervous (and DP hasn't stopped saying "oh shit" since last night!) or becasue it's being pg!!

Onlymydogunderstandsme Tue 30-Aug-11 09:49:23

Ballstoit - Thank you for that it makes me feel a lot better!! My 30th is in November so fingers crossed I will be having tee total celebrations!!!

Onlymydogunderstandsme Tue 30-Aug-11 09:51:17

2wwmadness - I also meant to say that I have been having a bit of crampimg for the last week, after looking on here I believe that it's quite normal!

bigeyes Tue 30-Aug-11 10:11:42

Congrats - most of us have done this - unless youve had food poisoning you will be fine, as the risk for those foods is only because of getting this, not the actual food itself.

Go out and buy your supplements and pg magazine and some nice bubblebath smile

bigeyes Tue 30-Aug-11 10:13:48

I was 30 and had a tee total celebration with my DS too - bless, you will be fine you wont miss it mostly, you find other pleasures - like chocolate!

2littlegreenmonkeys Tue 30-Aug-11 10:17:01


You'll be fine, baby will be fine. Lots of ladies have drunken nights while pg before they actually get their BFP.
I did with DD2 (I abstained from everything while trying for DD1 blush )
We went to a family christening and got very, very drunk. I had my BFP with DD2 just the next week.

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