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What have I done-injury or SPD??

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muffins Mon 29-Aug-11 12:47:12

35+2, about a week ago hurt myself trying to push box of books under ds bed with one foot, got shooting pain over lady bits/symphisis pubis area. Was really sore next day and hard to walk normally but improved following day so assumed just minor strain of some sort.
Couple of days later and I'm getting real discomfort over same area, if I've sat down for a period of time then when I get up walking is virtually impossible until my body/symph area is coping with me standing up if that makes sense. Can also make turning in bed painful. Is this just same injury cos everything is looser and more relaxed or the start of spd or can u trigger spd with an injury??

Thanks in advance!

Ps not seeing anyone now til 7th sept, consultant appt.

GlaikitFizzog Mon 29-Aug-11 12:53:26

Sounds like SPD to me. But your ligaments are all so loose aound that area the box of books could have cause an unjury, although I would have expected it to be better after a week.

If it is really bad dont wait for the 7th, go see your GP. They may be reluctant to prescribe painkillers, but can refer you for physio. I found a large tubi grip help to stabalise everything, but I was on dihydrocodiene from 30 weeks.

sorry for ant typos feeding ds while typing one handed!!

Woodifer Mon 29-Aug-11 12:55:38

I think you've prob triggered a bit of SPD with an injury/ acute event - and it may settle down (if not go completely).

Very early on I triggered SPD getting overexcited running (14 weeks) - I am now 30 weeks and although I am obviously bigger it isn't as bad as when I did it - and very mild compared to many of the ladies on the SPD thread (birthball).

its worth following the advice off the pelvic partnership (put pants on sitting down etc, careful getting in and out of cars) - to let it calm down. If you sist down at work - try to get up more often - like every half hour (or more) - making lots of drinks (and then going to the loo lots!) works - i actually worked standing up for a while (with my laptop raised up on boxes to elbow height) but this may not be practicable at this later stage.

An obs physio or osteo/chiro might be able to advise you if you can find one/ afford one. (My midwife referred me for NHS physio after I texed her about the SPD).

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